ECOFS Professional Practitioners Training Course
Fully Accredited by the Feng Shui Society UK

Starts: 1 – 6 November 2018 in Central London
Completion: 14 – 19 February 2020.

This course is structured to provide 30 days (210 hours) of classroom attendance with 5 modules of 6 days each spread over fifteen months, plus post-graduate personal mentoring support to give you a full two years of continuous learning overall.

The course offers a combination of in-depth theory, practical applications, on-site case studies done with face-to-face personalised teaching and mentoring throughout, providing exceptionally high-quality training. Students will learn all the required skills to become competent Feng Shui practitioners.

You can download the details on teaching contents, class dates, teaching venue and fees by clicking onto the link below.

ECOFS 2018 PPTC Course Outline

European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS)


We still have a couple of vacancy left foe a small group tour on a Friday afternoon before the Self-Activated Talisman workshop. The tour will last for three hours with a comprehensive copy of notes given out to the participants free of charge. Come and join us!


Screen shots of a brochure for the First Symposium of the Academy Journal of Feng Shui in Sydney, 13-14 May, 2017






The First Symposium of the Academic Journal of Feng Shui (AJOFS) – 2017, Down Under.

Date: Sat. 13th and Sun. 14th May 2017.
Venue: University of Technology, Sydney Australia.
Theme: “Canopy and Chariot – Chinese Concepts of Heaven and Earth in the Feng Shui Tradition.
Cost: Almost next to nothing, you can afford it!

The following rising stars in the Feng Shui world and Post-Modern Grandmasters will reveal to you their many years of research, in their hidden Ivy Towers, the most inner secrets of this mysterious and intangible cultural heritage of China, in two short days at a cost of a cheap i-phone.

1) Dr. Hong Key-Yoon – University of Auckland.
2) Dr. Derham Groves – University of Melbourne.
3) Dr. Micahel Paton – University of Sydney.
4) Dr. Michael Mak – University of Newcastle.
5) Dr. Stephen Skinner – Feng Shui Grandmaster
(Gee! They are all bloody Doctors!)
6) Mr. Tyler J Rowe – TCM Practitioner
(Another Doctor!)
7) Mr. Howard Choy – Feng Shui Architect.
(Phew! Just an Architect!)

….and many more of course, like Grandmaster Yap Cheng-Hai’s daughter Boon Yap, who will reveal, the never before, Feng Shui secrets passed down through her family. You cannot, simply not possible, ask for more. It will be better than any Feng Shui Extravaganzas or boring conferences you will ever attend in your life. Come and enjoy the warm sun and the funny Aussies with their BBQ jokes!

See you there!


My Feng Shui journey of becoing a Feng Shui architect started just after I graduated from my architectural study in Australia, I was looking towards Feng Shui, my cultural heritage, to find a way to help me grow into a better architect, more humane and more in touch with nature.

Recently we just finished a 2 years training program accredited by the Feng Shui Society UK and Europe and about to embark on a second program in the new year. In order for us to understand our potential students better, we asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves why they want to learn Feng Shui with a set of questionnaire.

Today I received one reply and it touched my heart because what the student said is so similar to my search and my feelings at the time nearly 40 years ago. I asked her for permission to post it here what she wrote, by way of expressing my own longings to excel in our profession.

Picture below show a page from students submitted for the final practical examination on the Qi Flow and Containment Study of a house. If you are interested in the new 2 years program to be taught in London you can find the relevant information here:

“2. I am interested in Feng Shui for some years now. However, until now just being an idea rather than taking it seriously and studying it deeper. I would like to study it because to me it should be the basic and the primordial study and finding for any place occupied by people. It just happened that the Chinese were the ones very hard working to put it together and give it to humans as a structured writing and information.
3. We are part of the Whole which works perfectly any way, we as humans at some point forget to follow those principles and lows and forget to live together and started to go away and fall apart. We can not…we can see that clearly- we are part of the creation…one of the greatest and we should take responsibility of what we are doing and how we are living and mature. Some of the ways to learn how to understand , follow and be part of the whole is thru Feng Shui to me. In the way I live and what I do a significant part.
There is a dream I have also about designing “THE DREAM”- a kind of self contained town/ village/space as I see it working in harmony with Nature and life itself, based on the 5 Elements, the seasons, the cardinal direction, flower of life, Platonic solids and the houses being spheres as the best form… based on molecule/ sell structure. Any way, working from time to time on that I realized that I need more knowledge and I can find a big part of it in Feng Shui.
4. It started back home with an article I had red in a magazine maybe 12-15 years ago. The whole writing sounded with a lot of sense and then later from time to time I will read a book or watch you tube videos to a point where I got confused of so many schools and left it for the moment being.
Also I have tried to figure out my self the Feng shui at home…☺ In general I am starting from scratch☺
5. I work in an architectural practice, mainly dealing with Historical listed buildings but also some new and extensions.
6. Yes at this point of my life I think I am able to complete the two years course.
7. Yes I would love to serve and help people to live in a better place and better life and become better people if possible….:) if I may and if/ when they are open and willing to take the journey. I will be very happy to apply my knowledge at work.
8. Most of all it is my journey and I am willing to take it- it is my personal seeking to develop my self and have the knowledge on that subject. Even if it just for that and for making my home , my parents and friends homes a better places it is great. Second of all I think at my work – I am designing people’s houses most importantly homes, whether new or old I am sure I can apply this knowledge (even secretly ☺ ) and make this places happy and make them live in harmonious places ( I would love to be the fairy and spread some Feng Shui magic dust around☺) .And last but not least this big Dream I have…Even it will sit on a paper at home I would love to make it proper. We never know…life is full of miracles.

Zhouzhuang 周庄 is a water town in Jiangsu Province about 80 Km west of Shanghai, it is well-known as the “Venice of the Orient”. The town is located and divided by lakes and rivers; all in all it has 14 bridges with the “Twin Bridge” being the symbol of the town. Because of the limited arable land and dense population surrounded by water, the traditional houses of Zhouzhunag have a much tighter spatial arrangement and smaller courtyards than the traditional houses north of the Yangtze River. The smaller courtyards are more like light wells than a garden courtyard, and since all the water flows down into the courtyard in the middle of the house complex, the layout of the Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze River) houses, like the ones in Zhouzhuang, are often called “Double Water Entering the Mingtang” 两水入明堂 in Feng Shui terms and is considered very auspicious. “Double water” refers to water from the front and back, left and right of the house. After the water is collect in the middle of the courtyard it is often channeled to the outside according to a particular compass direction, so not only the form and configuration of a house is auspicious and but the compass calculation is also considered desirable to “hasten the luck” for the occupants. Pictures below showed the Twin Bridge in Zhouzhuang and also the layout of a typical Jiangnan traditional courtyard house like the one shown in the site plan indicating the location of the two bridges in town. We will visit this water town in the forth-coming Feng Shui Study Tour of China, from 17 – 30 October 2015, and will stay there for a few days to study and enjoy the Feng Shui of a traditional water town. There is still a few vacancy left for the trip, if you are interested you can find out more information about the study tour by clicking onto the pdf Flyer for the tour. We hope you can join us in China this year. Flyer for Feng Shui Study Tour of China 2015 The water town of Zhouzhuang showing location of the Twin Bridge

The Twin Bridge in Zhouzhuang

The Twin Bridge in Zhouzhuang

Site Plan of the Twin Bridge showing a typical single courtyard house between the two bridges.

Site Plan of the Twin Bridge showing a typical single courtyard house between the two bridges.

Plans of Lower and Upper Floor of a typical Jiangnan Courtyard House with its Front Elevation and Section.

Plans of Lower and Upper Floor of a typical Jiangnan Courtyard House with its Front Elevation and Section.

“Good Luck Comes when the Elements are Together”
An Introduction to the Core Principles of Feng Shui

September 12 & 13, 2014 10am-5pm

A 2-days FSS Accredited Foundation Course  
Taught by Howard Choy FSSA B.Arch.          
September 12 & 13, 2014 – £160 includes full course notes
London University International Hall
Lansdowne Terrace,   London WC1N 1DJ 

“Does my house have good feng shui”? “What makes my garden a feng shui garden”? “How can I change my bad luck”? How would you answer these often-asked questions? We will go into the core principles to find the answers. Then you will begin to understand what feng shui is, why it can be so powerful and how to use it yourself.

Howard Choy is a bi-lingual practicing feng shui architect and fully China-trained in feng shui. He will give you a genuine understanding of the traditional theories and contemporary practice of feng shui, with materials drawn from recognized Chinese feng shui classics.
Attendees will be able to make some effective changes in their homes and their life by the end of the two days. An attendance award is given upon completion of the course.  
Graduate students who wish to pursue the subject further will have gained the foundation skills required as a pre-requisite for practitioner level training with a Feng Shui Society accredited school.

To book a place on the course and for further enquiries:
Phone: Sylvia Bennett 020 7419 7828 or 07779 139187
Email: Sylvia Bennett
Email: Howard Choy

Fengsheng Shuiqi 風生水起

Fengsheng Shuiqi 風生水起

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