FSS Accredited Foundation Course  

April 8, 2014

“Good Luck Comes when the Elements are Together”
An Introduction to the Core Principles of Feng Shui

September 12 & 13, 2014 10am-5pm

A 2-days FSS Accredited Foundation Course  
Taught by Howard Choy FSSA B.Arch.          
September 12 & 13, 2014 – £160 includes full course notes
London University International Hall
Lansdowne Terrace,   London WC1N 1DJ 

“Does my house have good feng shui”? “What makes my garden a feng shui garden”? “How can I change my bad luck”? How would you answer these often-asked questions? We will go into the core principles to find the answers. Then you will begin to understand what feng shui is, why it can be so powerful and how to use it yourself.

Howard Choy is a bi-lingual practicing feng shui architect and fully China-trained in feng shui. He will give you a genuine understanding of the traditional theories and contemporary practice of feng shui, with materials drawn from recognized Chinese feng shui classics.
Attendees will be able to make some effective changes in their homes and their life by the end of the two days. An attendance award is given upon completion of the course.  
Graduate students who wish to pursue the subject further will have gained the foundation skills required as a pre-requisite for practitioner level training with a Feng Shui Society accredited school.

To book a place on the course and for further enquiries:
Phone: Sylvia Bennett 020 7419 7828 or 07779 139187
Email: Sylvia Bennett sylvia@fengshui-living.com
Email: Howard Choy fengshuiarchitect@hotmail.com
Website  http://www.fengshui-college.org/uk

Fengsheng Shuiqi 風生水起

Fengsheng Shuiqi 風生水起


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