Looking out of the window, Vastanfjard Finland July 2008

My Chinese name is Cai Hong in Mandarin and Choy Hung in Cantonese. I went through one time in my life when I was 17, trying to go back to my roots and asked everyone to call me Hung.

“Well Hung, that’s great!” my friends Paul Chatenay replied and that was the last time I used my Cantonese name. Instead I go along with my Dad, who named me in English Howard Choy, after Howard Hughes, the eccentric American millionaire.

I am a practicing architect and my passion is in architecture and Taijiquan/Qigong, so Feng Shui is a perfect vehicle for me to combine these two life-long interests. This blog is no more than some periodic records of my practices, travel and teaching, a sort of recording of thinking out loud for me.

Thank you Sebastian for setting this up for me and thanks my son Sam, for showing me how to use it with my new MacBook, it goes to show an old dog can still learn new tricks!.

May be the new me after one Jiazi cycle should be in Pinyin, so from now on, it is Cai Hong 蔡洪! But then again, what does a name matters? It is who you really are that matters. Who am I then?

Well, I am just me :-)

PS: I no long live in Sydney, I am now base in Berlin and do most of my teaching, consultations and architectural work in Europe and we have a office in Mitte.


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