My daughter Anna

This is my daughter Anna, isn’t she gorgeous!

I still remember how proud I was to have walked into her school and see her name carved in wood as the dux of the school and also turned on the TV and see her presenting the Big Arvo show.

I can only count myself as one of those lucky dads! You can see her in here:

My son Sam

Today I went for a walk in the Vastanfjird forest with my son Sam. We talked about many things as we walked, some light, some heavy and some “deep” like, “How do you stop a drop of tear from drying up?” The answer, “Put it in the Ocean!”

Then we came to a clearing of wheat fields and he asked, “What is the Dao?”

“The Dao is now.” I replied.

“Like walking and talking and being ourselves now?”

“Yes, a bit like that, just being father and son like we are, not trying, not pretending, just doing something simple and enjoying ourselves.”

He then looked up and said, “Dad, we are lost, I have no idea how to get home!”

“May be the way is over there!” and pointed his finger towards a farmhouse in the distance.

“Maybe, lets give it a try. We cannot find our Way, if we are not lost.” I said.

I have not seen him for over a year now, it’s good to spend a few days with him.

My Sam, my son, my boy.

Sam is also an inventor and you can see him talking about one of his inventions here:

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