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14 Responses to “workshops”

  1. Kevin Slaughter Says:

    I very much enjoyed your article on the core principles of Feng Shui at http://www.absolutelyfengshui.com/library.php. You cite a book Cai Yuan-Ding 蔡元定, a Song Dynasty Feng Shui expert, wrote a very useful classic called “Fawei Lun” 发微论or “A Discourse on the Gross and the Subtle”. I would like to find this book but am not having any luck googling it. Do you know where I might find a copy? Thanks!

  2. desmond Says:

    how to post question regards to feng shui issue.
    i’m very interested in this area. is it the right way to write in.
    thanks n regards

    desmond lim

  3. Hi master Choy…

    My name is Soraya and I am the web manager of a Brazilian Taijiquan Teaching School [IFTB – Brazilian Taijiquan Teaching Intitute].

    Looking for technical content to our blog I have bumped into your article “Fajin in Taijiquan”, at the Shou-Yi website. And since I failled to find an e-mail address to contact you, I am using the comments, here. Please, sorry about that.

    We’d like to know If we can get permission to translate your article into Portuguese an post it on our page [giving all the proper credit, of course!].

    Just to let you know a little bit about us, the IFTB is an Institute which forms Taijiquan teachers here in Brasilia [Brasil], and we are associated to the World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association [WCTA-BRASIL], our partner in many Taiji events and seminars here and abroad. A China Trip that included a Chen Taiji Seminar with GM Chen in Chenjiagou, last March, was one of them.

    Well… that’s it… I hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards…

  4. Thanks, Master Choy! The pleasure will be ours!

    And your are right… The article about “Dantian Rotation” it is very interesting indeed! And we would like translating it too. But unfortunately we don’t have access to the T’ai Chi Magazine, and I could not find the text elsewhere. Can you help us with it?

    And I would like to ask for an e-mail address, in order to send you the links of the translated articles, as soon as we post it.

    Hope to hear from you soon…

    Best regards!

  5. Angela Says:

    My name is Angela and I have been given your book, ‘Qigong, Feng Shui for the Body’. I am finding it very interesting but am concerned that I may not be performing some of the exercises correctly. I was wondering if you have any videos of the exercises which you teach in the book?

    Thankyou very much,


  6. Master Choi… Good morning! How are doing? Hope you are sound and well…

    Have you checked our website for the translation into portuguese of ““Fajin in Taijiquan”? Our students just loved it and just keep asking for more!

    Therefore… I am contacting you again in order to ask you permission to translate another article of yours: “Taijiquan and Qi Conection” [http://www.shou-yi.org/taijiquan/taijiquan-and-qi-connection]. And to see if you can send me the other one about “Dantian Rotation”.

    I’d like to thake this chance also, to wish you, and your family, a Merry, Merry Chistmas, and a bright 2012!!

    Best regards…

  7. Greetings Master Choi, I would deeply appreciate it if you could answer a few questions for me regarding Choy Lay Fut lineage. I read a chapter out of Chan Yong Fa’s family records that you translated and just wanted a few of your opinions. If you have any time to dialog with one or 2 emails, I would be most grateful. With utmost respect,
    David Lorenson

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi David,

      I have already replied to your colleagues inquiries about the relationship between San Soo and CLF some years ago, please refer to their postings on the subject.


      Howard Choy

  8. Estefania Says:

    Good morning,
    I am Estefania Roldan, an architecture student at the University of Kent, United Kingdom. I am writing to enquire information about Feng Shui as I was first introduced to this fascinating philosophy in Vietnam which immediately enamoured me and has intrigued me since then. Thus, I have decided to write my dissertation about Feng Shui. For instance, I have been trying to educate myself with limited books and information in the University’s library. However I would appreciate if I could get to know the real Feng Shui from a prominent architect and feng shui consultant. Following RD.Chin advice I think you would be a great source to reference some of my work. (Best regards from him)
    My dissertation is mostly about how to achieve the perfect Feng Shui in a building and what are the main differences between this philosophy in USA and China but mostly focusing on the architecture of Feng Shui in buildings like the Trump Tower and The HSBC Bank in Hong Kong.
    How have these two architecture masterpieces embraced the space and enriched the surrounding environment. Furthermore, how do you work in order to create a perfect architectural plan as well as an ideal flow of energy.
    Finally, how do you think Architecture and Feng Shui can change the perception of a space in such way that is not superstition?
    Anything would be greatly appreciated as primary sources could fight against my tutors opinion and maybe change his belief that this is superstition.
    As I failled to find an e-mail address to contact you, I am using the comments, here too. Very sorry about that.
    Thank you in advance for your help and time.
    Best regards,

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