Looking at the Xing Shi (Form and Configuration) of the Parliament House (or Palace of Westminster) by the side of The Thames River and next to the Westminster Abby, we can see that there is a strong triangular relationship between the Church, the Lords and the Parliament, that is between religion, social classes and common people. This gave Britain a very strong sense of sovereignty, but the buildings are located by the River Thames, which correlates to the history that Britain got its wealth from trading and seafaring.

Trading, by its nature, requires joining up with other trading partners, like joining up with the EU, but by doing so they would lose some of their sovereignty that they gained over time.

The result is that there is a conflict of interest, some want to leave and some want to remain.

Who is going to win?

Whether to leave or to remain, I think trading will, because if we look at the Xing Shi of the land, what is likely to change and what is not, The Thames will still be there when the Parliament House is gone or the parliament gets move elsewhere because the building complex is too expensive to up keep or not practical enough for modern politics, or even a change of political system.

Whatever happens, The Thames will still be there and trading will go on. Man needs water and trading to survive and prosper.

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