We visited this very interesting and very popular museum not far from the City of Hobart recently and I think its success has something to do with the Water Dragon Qi. Of course the vision and the drive of the owner David Walsh also has a lot to do with it. We drove there by car but it would have been more exciting to arrive by boat. The Water Qi gathered in the bay in front of Hobert is able to transported to the site and within the site there also a gradation of “Juqi” (Assembled Qi) to feed it into the museum located underground between two existing buildings by Roy Grounds, one of the leading Australian architects of the modern movement. The front of the complex faces S2 so it has a “Double Timely Stars Arriving at the Facing Palace” chart – very good for wealth and locate it underground gives the Gua Qi support for the timely Mountain Star as well.

I will talk about the The Five Aesthetic Principles of Feng Shui in the forth coming The 10th Annual Feng Shui Society’s Conference, 14-15 May 2016 (Sat-Sun), London UK and will touch upon this building in more details.

“Feng shui belongs to the Art of Observation (Xiang Shu) in the Taoist Five Arts, consequently the aesthetics of a place or a built-form become part of feng shui considerations. The aesthetic preferences in feng shui is the main focus of this presentation; you will find out what the SUISY principles are and how they can be applied in feng shui practice. By the end of the talk it is hoped that you will understand the aesthetic criterion to use when someone asks ‘What do you think of the feng shui of this building’?” http://www.fengshuisociety.org.uk/the-10th-feng-shui-society-conference-2016-london-uk/




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