A form qi map showing the best location for the na-qi mouth into the property and the most appropriate passageway for the cars and the occupants, it is an inherent “men lu” 門路for the site, Traffic on the Yi side, living on the Yang side, so the occupants can catch the warm sun and the open views to the south and to the street=

Follow by a formless qi map showing the Trigram Qi of space and time acting on the property and the building, so the occupants would know how best to use space in time to “hasten the auspicious and avoid the harmful” while living there over time.

With the help of the form and the formless qi maps, we are inspired to come up with a layout/design that is most appropriate for this particular site, so it will have good feng shui (good quality of environment) and good support, wealth and health-wise, for the occupants.

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