I wrote an article on Taijiquan and Qi connection many years ago: http://www.shou-yi.org/taijiquan/taijiquan-and-qi-connection
When it comes to feng shui, the mechanism for qi connection is not that dis-similar, one needs to create Yin and Yang and then link them up for the qi to connect and flow.

In Yinzhai feng shui, the yin and yang connection is between the living and the dead, and as long as the living is respectful of the dead and the dead can inspire the living, then there is qi connection; the rest is just ritual and protocol to formalize and to “activate” this connection.

In Yangzhai feng shui, the yin and yang connection is between the occupant and his or her environment via placement of objects and location of rooms etc., and as long as there are mutual interactions between the animate and the inanimate, by creating yin and yang consciously, then there is qi connection.

For example, if we put the bed against a certain direction that would create an awareness of desirability and undesirability, then our conscious awakening of this ritualistic choice will connect the qi between the bed and us. Whether it is done from the head, from the feet or from the heart etc. does not matter, some system even recommend it should be done from the air-conditioner to the room!

What we ended up doing in compass feng shui is to create a ritual of various sorts, using object s and space in our environment by way of compass directions as a medium, to heightened our awareness of our everyday environment that we live in and make it extra-ordinary for us.

Lets look at the placement of a bed again, everyone sleeps in a bed, by putting it in this particular direction and not that direction, with what we believe is a good feng shui direction, we will make this bed now something special, it is not just an ordinary bed, but a bed that is specially located for me and it will have the potential of bringing me health and vitality and things that I will need.

It is just like deciding to marry this woman and not that woman, and to go through the ritual of a marriage ceremony to swear to Heaven that we will love each other until death, that will change us from an ordinary to an extra-ordinary person for each other.

A conscious awareness of a particular item in our environment can connect the feng shui qi to us, and a meaningful ritual will activate it.

It is that simple: we highlight the various aspects of Yin and Yang (for example, light and dark, substantial and insubstantial, facing and sitting, etc.) of a space or an object and the conscious awareness of its Ji and Xiong (auspicious and harmfulness) and our deliberate preference will connect the feng shui qi and turn an ordinary space or an object, like a living room or a desk, into something extra-ordinary by its rearrangement.

The feng shui ritual we performed will “activate” this connection, so there is “ganying” or mutual resonance between our environment and us and changes for the better will take place when there is connection and resonance.


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