Master Ren Zhi-Lin

August 12, 2015

My first feng shui teacher, Master Ren Zhi-Lin 任志林 was not famous in Hong Kong, instead he was one of the “crouching tigers and hidden dragons” for me. (“crouching tiger, hidden dragon” is a Chinese idiom meaning an unknown person with hidden talents and good skill).

Although Master Ren is not well known, he has produced some famous students like Master Long Jing-Quan 龍景銓, who is the Feng Shui master behind the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, so in a way Master Long is a Si-Hang (an older brother in learning) to me.

Master Ren came from a San He lineage and he does both Yin Zhai and Yang Zhai feng shui (feng shui for graves and feng shui for dwellings), below you can see a couple of pictures of his handy work, a close-up picture shows his name on the third line to the right of the grave markings.

We spent two years (1978 – 1980) together, doing 2 sessions of one-to-one lectures and theories each week and on the weekends I would accompany him to do feng shui for a client on site. He lived in a very modest tenement housing estate and called his business “The Purple Cloud Studio”.

When I left him he gave me his San He Luopan compass. a set of hand-written notes and also a long scroll of his calligraphy (you can see a picture of his writing below), which I have hang up in my study to this day.

He knew I have found my vocation in feng shui and left these gifts for me as a token and an encouragement to carry on his work. I am still fulfilling his wish, even though he passed away a few years after I return to Australia.

I have studied with many other teachers since, but because he was my first teacher and I was young and impressionable, he still remains the most outstanding and memorable master for me. If it wasn’t for him, I would have given up on feng shui long time ago, he trusted that it was my fate and destiny to be a feng shui architect, consultant and teacher.

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