This is a most read house on Dezeen in 2018, the Kiss House at a Canadian lake side by the architects from the Lazor Office.

At first glance it seems to have bad feng shui because the house is broken into two parts, but with a closer look, the feng shui is quite good. The auspicious external Qi is gathered at both the front and the back to feed into the house.

It is an elongated house, but to find the Taiji is not difficult, it is located where the two parts of family/adult and children/play are “cracked open” to create a “negative space” to see the lake at arrival, as mentioned by the architect.

The facing presents an interesting challenge, my take is towards the middle of the triangular deck where the two parts come together. The Flying Star chart at facing NW1 P8 is not correct as I do not know the compass measurement for sure, but it gives an indication of how the star chart would look like. In an elongated house like this one, the direction at the two ends have more influence than others. In this case it is the S, SW. N and NE. Also it is a case where we can read the stars in the central palace to see the Gua Qi influence at the front door to the family/adult wing of the house having a 7,9 combination. The other entrance has a 1,3 combination.

We can also use the Five Phase relationship to make a quick assessment of the house, the house is located near the water, the form of the house is Wood and the so called “negative space” has a Fire Phase terrace, being triangular in shape. We can say Water generates Wood and Wood in turn generates Fire, but the Fire is not too strong, so it leaves the occupants with some warmth and beauty for the environment and we can say the main Phase is Wood.

I am sure the occupants will find enjoyment in this unusually broken-up-shape house. It is a good example how an unusual house can have good feng shui when done properly. It is a broken up house but if the two parts “kiss”, then the whole can come together again.

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