I have been asked this question by one of my students recently:

“I have a question that maybe you can help me find an answer to – In Chinese Feng Shui literature what character is used for a “cure”? As in a Ba Gua mirror may be placed to help “cure” poor energy entering a doorway… If my hunch is correct, the character would be zhi 治, or a variant of that… Any ideas?”

The original Chinese character for “cure” is “Hua Jie” 化解, sometimes it can also be written as “Jie Hua” and according to the MDBG dictionary it means:

“To dissolve / to resolve (contradictions) / to dispel (doubts) / to iron out (difficulties) / to defuse (conflicts) / to neutralize (fears)”.

When we look at the two characters separately, “Hua” can mean to transform and to neutralize, and “Jie” can mean to understand as in “lioajie” 了解 and to explain as in “fenjie” 分解. So in Feng Shui, through understanding and through finding an explanation for our fears, we can transform or neutralize the Sha Qi, often with an object that is a symbol, which can remain us every time we become aware of it, where our fears came from and how we can transform it or neutralize it through our conscious awareness and understanding.

To translate “Hua Jie” or “Jie Hua” as a “Cure” gives an impression that the symbolic object that we put up will do the work for us, whereas in reality, the object used is just a symbol, we in fact do the work of transformation and neutralization through our conscious awareness and understanding, when we come across different kinds of Sha Qi in Feng Shui, which made us feel uncomfortable in some way.

The Bagua mirror is not going to get rid of the Sha Qi coming towards the front door, the occupants are going to do it by using the mirror as a symbol of reflection, to understand that the Sha Qi is not some kind of physical force, but a formless potential and tendency that might or might not happen. For example when the front door is opposite a T-junction, which in Feng Shui is called a “T-Junction Sha” that could give rise to the fear that a car might fail to turn the corner and come straight into the house and at night time it can be annoying when the car lights turn on and off at the house as the cars turn the corner. The best way to handle this worry is to avoid it, but if we cannot avoid it or get rid of it physically for some reasons, then we can “Huajie” the situation for the time being with a Bagua mirror hanging above the front door.


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