I have been asked this question again, “Is feng shui an art or a science or something else like a philosophy or Environmental Psychology?” It s a difficult question to answer or even a wrong question to ask, since the Chinese don’t put things in a pigeonhole like we tend to do in the west, their world-view is that everything has qi and everything that has qi has yin and yang and they are all interconnected. So feng shui has some art, some science, some philosophy and some psychology in it but nothing of the kind on its own, it sits in between all these labels with qi acting like a continuum, and as soon as we try to pin feng shui down to one thing, it loses its meaning and vitality, not unlike trying to pin a butterfly down to find out what is a butterfly. Instead, we can appreciate what good feng shui does by looking at the inter-relationships between all things in our environment, how they would affect us and how we can respond to them in a harmonious, constructive and meaningful way. To me feng shui is not a noun (or a label) it is a verb.

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