On June 19, more than 8 days before the final 16 “sudden death” play-off in the FIFA World Cup 2014, I posted the following message on the Facebook chat-room “feng shui connecting people”:

“I am surprised so far no one is using any Chinese metaphysics in the chart rooms to predict the winner of the world cup, may be we have come to the realization that we cannot really predict the future with any precision, especially something as unpredictable as a football game, but lets have some fun just the same.
According to the bookmakers, the world cup winner is already in the BAG, down to Brazil, Argentina and Germany:
If we look at the yearly star chart for 2014 and locate the three countries using Brazil’s capital as the Taiji, with the yearly number 4 Green Wood in the central palace, then Argentina is located to the SW with 1 White Water generating into Brazil in the middle and Germany is located to the NE with 7 Red Metal controlling the host Brazil.
From these correlations of the three favourites of the bookies, Germany has the best option to win this year’s world cup, although it has the least odds to succeed.”

My prediction, using the yearly star calculations, that Germany is going to win the World Cup in 2014, is not really a prediction in the sense that I can tell the future with feng shui. It is a result of looking at the potentials and tendencies of a situation using both the rational and the correlative mode of thinking preferred by the West and the East respectively.

The rational part is done through observation and analysis and the correlative part is done through using Flying Star to give me the feeling that that what I have in mind rationally is in tune with the Heavenly cycles of luck in space and time (or some would say “in tune with the universe”). In other words, as far as I am concerned, it will be a reasonable and a “lucky” guess!

The “trick” I used here is to base my starting point of my prediction with the betting odds, because research has showed that betting odds have up to 70% rate of success in forecasting a winner, and my chance of success is higher if I can reduce the odds to three teams, instead of a larger number of favourites.

I also did a lot of research before hand about the chances of Germany winning the cup, especially the cultural differences between the German and the two South American teams, because Human Qi is always at the bottom of the an outcome when dealing with a feng shui analysis. The Germen would play as a team; whereas the South Americans tended to promote the idea that one star player can make the difference.

So my successful and so-called “prediction” with feng shui is a result of using an intelligent guess utilizing both the logical and the intuitive part of my brain (my “heart-mind” as the Chinese would say), but it is not “scientific” in the sense that the correct result can not be repeated every time.

It is really an applied art form, integrating the rational with the irrational, or the intellectual with the emotional, part of me to come out with a suggestion, that can imitate the Chinese ideal of “tian ren he yi” 天人合一, that Man and his Universe can become One. When Heaven and I are One, may be, just may be, I can see into the future and in this case I was lucky and I was in tune with the universe, but please don’t expect me to repeat it again for the next world cup!0,,17783685_303,00

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