The New Sheep Shed

January 11, 2016

I did feng shui and planning for C a couple of years back and recently I received words from her that things are looking up. It feels good to have helped someone on her way.

“Dear Howard,
I wish you a wonderful New Year! May Love, Peace, Joy and harmony be your best friends all along.
Here are some photos of the new sheepfold. In winter, I use the plastic bands but in summer I put them off.
The flow of energy is really different here from when you came and I could sell and throw away a lot of old stuffs. I also cleaned a lot. My life is also changing a lot because most of lying (sticking) energy is away now. In my heart things are also flowing better.
It made such a big change in my life! I really experimented how our house and environment can impact us and how it is important to harmonize a place.
I hope to see you again!
Take good care of you!

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