Times like this I have a feeling I have been in the feng shui game for too long. I have no idea who will read the articles on feng shui that I wrote for the Better Homes and Gardens magazine back in 1993 and I did it for 3 or 4 years. It is heart-warming now to know that they did make some impacts on some people’s life in a small but positive way. Thank you for sharing Jan.

Good Evening Howard

I hope this email finds you well. I have an amazing story to tell you. I was sorting through some papers of my Mother who passed away in 2010. In her papers I found this photocopied article on you dated 1993 from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. What is so interesting is that we were living in Zimbabwe at the time (no idea how she had an Aussie article) and she told me about Feng Shui, her and I bought a book and started to feng shui our homes, friends homes etc. Some things worked, some did not but it started my passion for Feng Shui. So when I came to your class in 2012 I had no idea that you and this article had been the reason for my whole Feng Shui journey.

I thought I would share with you :-)

Kindest Regards

Jan Leese



Flowers tumbling down the hills
Like petals blowing in the wind,
The colours are bright for now but
Autumn is just around the corner,
Will you still climb up the hills or
Will you come down with Him?

Field Flowers

Radio Interview in Finland

September 8, 2009

I had a wonderful experience being interviewed on Radio 86 by Michael Rossing, who is a philosopher by training, so it gave me an opportunity to talk about Feng Shui from a philosophical point of view.

The interview went on for over an hour next to a beautiful lake just outside of Helsinki and it was clever to have it edited down into two small segments of a few minutes each on different headings, in both English and Finnish (oops, Kristiina just told me it is actually in Swedish, the Finnish and English version will come later) and still managed to keep all the essence of the conversation we had. You can read Michael’s articles and hear the edited segments on our conversation here:



I have to thank Kristiina Mantynen, Chairperson of the Finnish Feng Shui Association, who made this pleasant interlude possible, between teaching Garden Feng Shui and Daoist Talisman last June for the association.


Michael Rossing, philosopher and p/t radio interviewer.

Michael Rossing, philosopher and p/t radio interviewer.

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