The Heaven’s Heart (Tianxin 天心) and the Taiji 太極 of a dwelling.

December 25, 2018

Many Feng Shui students,especially the beginners,are not aware of the subtle difference between the Heaven’s Heart in a Flying Star chart and the Taiji of a dwelling, they mistaken them as the same thing.

The Heaven’s Heart is located in the central palace of a Flying Star chart, it has the Luoshu number 5 as its Earth Plate due to the Flying Star chart is based on the Luoshu 9-Palace, in the middle of the palace it has the Time or Heaven Plate with a Period number indicates the time of the dwelling’s construction, it also has the facing Water Star and the sitting Mountain Star, giving an indication of the Gua Qi (Qi of the Trigram) influencing on the wealth/officialdom (power) and health/fertility (relationship) potential and tendency of a dwelling respectively.

The Heaven Heart is a “numerical” place in the centre of a Luoshu, whereas the Taiji of a dwelling is a theoretical spot located in a dwelling where the Yin and the Yang Qi come together, it is the where the active with the passive, the substantial with the insubstantial of a dwelling would meet. To find the Taiji of a dwelling is to “Liji” 立極, or to find the Taiji, by doing “Liji” and by “flying” the stars from the Heaven’s Heart, casted over the floor plan of a dwelling, we can see where the Gua Qi of the sitting and facing is located and from these stars with an associated direction and a Trigram correlated to one of the Five-Phase, we can get a reading of the auspicious and the harmful potentials in each of the eight directions of the house by looking at their Five-Phase relationships with each other.

Although the Heaven’s Heart and the Taiji are not the same thing, they are both reference points in which the Gua Qi numbers or the “Stars” are generated in the 8 directions. While the 8 directions also have 8 locations, the Taiji of a dwelling is not a physical place, it does not have a Trigram correlation, it is only a reference point, like the Heaven’s Hearth, to produce a Flying Star chart for us to contemplate, to find the answers that we are seeking in a Luopan compass reading.

PS: This question gets asked quite often, “Is the Taiji of a house the same as its geometric centre?” They answer is they are not the same, but for all intent and purpose, they are close enough, unless the house is a very unusual one with the Yin and Yang part of the house far out of a reasonable proportion.


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