How to Store Away Your Luopan Compass

November 24, 2015

When we were visiting the Wanan Wu Luheng Luopan Makers ( in our last Feng Shui Study Tour of China 2015, Master Wu Zhaoguang 吳兆光 gave us some hints on how to care and how to store away the Loupan compass properly. He said when we have to store them at home of carry it in our brief case, it is always better to store it vertically in a protective case and away from any electromagnetic influence, and when we have to store it on the horizontal and not moving too much, then is is better to turn the Luopan compass face down so it will be harder for the needle to be influenced by other sources of electromagnetic radiation. He said the worse thing is to drop the Luopan on a hard surface, because once the needle jumps out from its point of rest, we have to replace with a new one and that is quite expensive. Below are a couple of pictures to show how to store the Luopan Compass in a simple and safe way.



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