Colour and Material Selection using Flying Star – Some thoughts on a particular project

October 24, 2013

The old wooden stair in our feng shui school and architectural office under renovation has to be replaced. It is a left hand double winder located in an area with the star combination 6m9w1p (see Flying Star chart below).

This combination shows good Gua Qi support for wealth because 9 Purple Fire is a Sheng Qi star in Period 8, so it can control the 6 White Metal out of time and is also being generated-in by the 4 Green Wood Period Star and the two (9 and 4) made a LH Metal Hetu combination representing wealth as well. The movement of tenants moving up and down the stairs means we will have a steady income and that is interpreted as the Water Star for wealth is being supported by the form.

However, it is not so good from a health point of view since the 6 White Metal Mountain Star is being “imprisoned” by the 9 Purple Fire, even though the chart has a “Yin Yang adding up to 10” of the Mountain Stars with the Period Stars – a fortunate structure for health, we were still worried how we can improve our wealth without losing health?

The solution we came up is to build the new staircase out of metal and paint one of the walls in Sienna. Five Phase-wise, the choice of the metal is meant to strengthen the 6 White Metal Mountain Star for health, but because we don’t want the Fire to tire out, we used a “red earth” colour to keep the fire burning but at the same time being neutralized with the introduction of earth in the colour, so the Gua Qi support for both wealth and health can co-exist in harmony.

When we think about it, the choice we made using correlative thinking coincided closely with our desire to balance wealth with health in our life, it is as if the selection of material and colour, using the flying stars as inspirations, is a deliberate act, or a ritual of affirmation, of what we believed in. While balancing the stars we also thought about how to balance our life. Perhaps this aspect of Feng Shui is a self-activated ritual to sanctify our living and working environment, without having a religious overtone or being superstitious.

Sienna on one side of the staircase looking from entry lobby.

Sienna on one side of the staircase looking from entry lobby.

Flying Star Chart

Flying Star Chart

Our office/school viewed from the street.

Our office/school viewed from the street.


5 Responses to “Colour and Material Selection using Flying Star – Some thoughts on a particular project”

  1. Thereza Bezerra Says:

    Howard,i have a doubt.This space is WU KUEI,and does color red actives WU KUEI ?Thank you,.THereza.

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Theresa, I am looking at the Flying Star chart to do my selections. If I had to consider the Zhai Gua of the house, then it is the Tian Yi Wanderig Qi coming through the front door and that is auspicious as well.The staircase is not one of the three eseential requirements, being the door, the master and the stove, so I don’t have to worry about it being in the Wu Gui location or what colour to use.

  3. Thereza Bezerra Says:

    Hi Howard,thank very much, I understood and learned abit more about this great master. Thereza.

  4. Polly Says:

    Hello, I am a student currently working on a dissertation and the topic is Feng Shui, My professor suggested it would be best for me to analyse 2 works of an architect who has applied feng shui into their design. Would it be possible if you could leave a reply with your email address so I can contact you directly? that would be great if I could get first hand information from someone experienced. Thank you!

  5. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Polly, Thank you for dropping by, please check you email.

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