An open letter to Ying Li

October 10, 2013

Dear Ying Li,

Everything has Yin and Yang and they complement each other to form a whole.

In Feng Shui it is expressed as Xing 形 and Qi 氣, Xing has form and Qi is formless, Xing is tangible and Qi is intangible, Xing is manifested and Qi is un-manifested.

In Flying Star, Qi is expressed as a Star and it is not the physical star in the star, and because it is derived from the Trigrams in a Luoshu picture, it is also called a Gua Qi Star. A Star don’t do anything physically, it is not an energy that is capable of doing work. Instead it inspires us to think and to act. It makes us think of what needs to be done, where to do it and when to do it.

A Star does not make us sick, nor it can bring in the customers, it makes us think about sickness and how to bring in the customers instead. It is our resultant decision and our action that will do the work.

A ritual does not manifest a Star either, like a lot of people are promoting at the moment, a ritual makes us pay attention to a Star and its meaning instead, again it is our resultant decision and action that will do the manifestation and make the intangible become tangible and give form to the formless.

Failure to understand this will turn Feng Shui into a mess of superstition, destroying the valuable benefits of what our cultural heritage can offer.

I wish you well on your journey of discovery to the Mysterious.

Sincerely Yours,
Howard Choy.

The beautiful Ying Li

The beautiful Ying Li


10 Responses to “An open letter to Ying Li”

  1. Jodi Brunner Says:

    Hi Howard I am not sure if you are referring to a certain incident here but I can assure you that our school is actually on the same page as you.

    When referring to the stars we also believe that they are manifest in the people’s lives depending on how the people use the qi of that star. Eg a sickness star can bring sickness to a person who has a propensity towards being sick or it can also bring a person other people who are sick, depending on how a person chooses to use that star (eg if they are a doctor).

    That is our job as consultants – to point out what is the nature of the star and how best a person can use it.

    Whatever you are suggesting here Howard you are incorrect. If you choose to single out a person from our school then maybe it’s best that you address everyone.

    We always enjoy our discussions with you,


    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Jodi,

      This open letter to Ying Li was the result of our conversation in the “Feng Shui Connecting People” chat room. I wanted to use this letter to highlight the subtle difference between the two schools of thoughts.

      From my point of view, a sickness star do not bring sickness to a person as your school of thought maintained, it got there by the way a star chart is constructed, all it does is to inform the occupants that there is a potential or tendency relating to sickness in this direction and they should pay attention to this.

      We are using correlative thinking when looking at a star chart, but correlation is not causation. Correlation is like a metaphor, it correlate things into their respective categories and then compare them to try to make sense of what is happening.

      We use the Luoshu diagram in Flying Star; the number 2 is correlated to the Kun Trigram and to the direction SW, with one of its quality being sickness and body part-wise it is correlated to the stomach, family relationship-wise to a mother and so forth. Then we fly the stars and the 2 landed somewhere.

      Where it landed does not mean the 2 will cause a mother to get sick in the stomach there or some such thing, it only showed that there is a potential or tendency for the various correlations, some good and some bad, to take place and not all of them will happen at once. We have to be selective to work out what would be the most likely scenario.

      If we look at the 2 and then think straight away that it has caused sickness, or the person there has a propensity to get sick, then we will put irrational fears into the occupants’ mind and that is not the aim of doing Feng Shui.

      The Qi of a star is not energy that can do work and cause things to happen, the formless Gua qi of a star is used to contrast or to compare with the visible form of the environment, to unable us to make sense of a situation, If we don’t understand what Qi really means in this case, then we will turn Feng Shui into a superstition full of irrational fears and unrealistic hopes.

      We should not do this and that was my message to Ying Li but also to people like you who think that way, hence it is in an open letter format.

      We have known each other for along while now and I know you are 100% sincere about Feng Shui; hence it is really worthwhile for us to exchange our thoughts on this fascinating subject. Thank you for joining in the discussions.


  2. howardchoy Says:

    Lets put all these theoretical talks into a practical situation, imagine a Feng Shui consultation is taking place, and the 2 has landed in a child’s bedroom. The consultant has decided that the 2 will correlate to the mother and illness from taking drugs.

    This consultant understands the meaning of the star in three different ways and he said to the child:

    1) Your mother says to be aware of taking drugs.

    2) Your mother says you have a propensity to take drugs.

    3) Your mother will make you take drugs.

    How do you think the child will react to these three ways of understanding the meaning of a star?

    • Jodi Says:

      Hi Howard, it is this kind of conclusive analysis that is dangerous in Feng Shui. eg a lady came to me ages ago and was very distraught because her consultant had told her she will have a miscarriage is she sleeps in such and such a room. I went to check the house. Not only did the consultant get the chart wrong but they also put so much fear into the client that she was beside herself with fear. This type of presumptive reasoning is literally dangerous. I can assure you that me, Ying or any other responsible practitioner would not say this kind of thing.

      • howardchoy Says:

        Ahh…that is good to hear, then why do you think that the 2 can bring more patients into a doctor’s surgery and 7 will do the same for a dentist?

      • Jodi Says:

        “Ahh…that is good to hear,..” Hi Howard the 2 is the sickness star and the 7 brings mouth disease…hmnn well not always but if it is in a doctor or dentist’s surgery then it is more likely than not to do this because that is the qi being used or that is how the practitioner is advised to use the qi, that is all. I think I have answered this question a number of times already.

  3. howardchoy Says:

    The way we understand the Feng Shui theories and the key concepts like Qi, Ti and Yong, Wuxing Sheng Ke and the difference between correlative thinking and rational thinking, etc. will immensely affect the way we practise Feng Shui.

  4. howardchoy Says:

    “Ahh…that is good to hear,..” Hi Howard the 2 is the sickness star and the 7 brings mouth disease…hmnn well not always but if it is in a doctor or dentist’s surgery then it is more likely than not to do this because that is the qi being used or that is how the practitioner is advised to use the qi, that is all. I think I have answered this question a number of times already – Jodi

    Sorry Jodi, but I still don’t get it. 2 is the sickness star and 7 bring mouth desease. 2 is in the doctor’s surgery and 7 is in the dentist’s surgery, how would that help the doctor and the dentist to do their work?

  5. Marnie Says:

    The goal is not to forcast too specifically. If an occupant tells the practitioner what HAS occured (good or bad) then we use this information to show occupant why the chart we create is the right chart for his home. I agree that all stars and their combos are possibilities, some stronger than others. Let’s not forget, in this discussion, that the stars are nothing without forms in the environment to activate or deactivate them. It is my understanding that even when there are activators..the occupant’s destiny must be factored in, so in essance, NO stars are cut and dry. Just possibilities. This is a cornerstone of the FSRC curriculum and this is in essence what I read Mr. Choy himself articulating in this discussion.
    Marnie Lazaresu

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