Master Course on Xuan Kong Flying Star

October 8, 2013

European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS)
Master-Course on Advanced Flying Star
15-18 November 2013, Berlin

This 4-days course will start with a summary and an overview of the four basic patterns and the ten arrangements of the Flying Stars charts, including new materials on the concept of “Shou Shan Chu Sha” (Receive Mountain and put up with Sha) on how to integrate the Star qi (Xingqi) with the Form qi (Xingshiqi).

It is assumed that the potential participants of this Master Course has completed some basic trainings in Flying Stars and know how to construct a normal and a substituted star chart, as well as how to determine the directionality and the “Heaven’s Heart” of a chart.

The course is organized in 5 parts:
Part I: An overview mentioned above.
Part II: Star chart analysis.
2.1 Strategy for star chart analysis.
2.2 Methodology for star chart analysis.
2.3 Details for star chart analysis, including how to analyze and give assessment to the nine stars with Wuxing relationships.
2.4 The theory and practice behind the “huajie” cures.
2.5 Sample case studies from the old masters.
Part III: Master Luo Shi-Peng’s advance methods on how to assess the influence of the external qi onto the internal qi field of a star chart. This is new material available for the first time.
3.1 Naqi and Naqi openings.
3.2 How to calculate and assess the influence of external time qi and form qi onto the internal qi field of a star chart.
2.3 Sample case studies from the old masters using this methodology.
Part IV: San Yuan Xuan Kong Feixing Water Methods.
4.1 Master Shen’s Water Method.
4.2 The “Reversal” Water Method.
4.3 The “City Door” (Cheng Men) Water Method.
4.4 The “Seven Stars Robbery” Water Method.
4.5 Replacement star charts and how to use them.
Part V: Practical Work Samples and Case Studies from the Masters: Participants can bring in their own work samples for detail discussions at a real case study of a reasonable level of complexity, so the participants will gain a first hand knowledge on how a working consultant would use Flying Stars in practice. Also we will present some case studies from the past masters to show how traditional Feng Shui works in practice.

If you already have a good grasp of the Flying Stars and are looking for the “finishing touch” with a practicing Feng Shui Architect, then this is a perfect course for you. Students from different schools are all welcome! A full set of Unit IV Xuan Kong Flying Star course notes will be provided for each of the participants in a pdf file. If you have a case to look at please bring as much information as possible to the workshop on the first day, apart from floor plans and site plans please bring in photos and Google Earth as well so we can have a good appreciation of the situation at hand.

For further details please contact Howard Choy:



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