Stars Fly According to Occupations

September 26, 2013

Q. Do you know or have heard of any theory that says: Stars fly according occupations: Potency and support the Star 2 so that the doctor has more patients and potency and support the Star 7 for dentist to have more patients, etc.

A. Yes, I have heard of this theory but I have trouble with it on three fronts:

1) It is a translation misunderstanding. The general rule for Flying Star is 山管人丁水管財 or “The Mountain (Star) “guan” the number of people in a family (i.e health and off-springs) and the Water (Star) “guan” the wealth. The character “guan” can mean to manage, to discipline or to bother with. This theory interpreted the character to mean to manage in the sense to control, but in fact the term “guan’ here has the real meaning to correlate, that is the Mountain Star is correlated to Health and the Water Star is correlated to wealth and not with the sense to overcome or to control bad health or wealth.

2) It is question of logic. If a doctor is to take care of sickness, his clinic should be a healthy place and not a place to attract sickness. The Mountain Star 2 and 7 are correlated to sickness and mouth/tooth problems respectively when they are out of time, it means that there is that potential and tendency but they do not attract sick people to a medical and a dental clinic.

3) The third trouble I have with this theory is the timeliness of the stars and their relationship to each other are not taken into consideration. When 2 or 7 is timely they can be good, they need not be correlated to sickness and sore tooth only. Also, if ever 2 and 7 are together they do not need to mean sickness of the Mouth/tooth only, they could also mean that there is potential for fire and/or for passion because 2,7 come together is Early Heaven Fire.



5 Responses to “Stars Fly According to Occupations”

  1. finde ich mal gut Stars Fly According to Occupations.
    LG aus Wien

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, I like your architecture, they will make it hard for the bad stars to express their harmfulness.

  3. howardchoy Says:

    For fairness in presenting two sides of an opinion, here is a reply from a practitioner who uses this method, which appeared in IFSA Yahoo list, where my article was reposted:

    “IMO what Howard is saying is correct, in relation to the mountain star.

    However for a business it is the water star entering the building which is more important in terms of making money; and if the ws is 2 and it is adoctor’s surgery, then there is a good chance that people entering willhave sickness wanting to be cured by the resident doctor.

    If it is ws7 at the door, then a dentist can do extremely well. In fact
    it doesn’t have to be and is in fact preferred if the ws7 is in the actualsurgery room where the dentist performs their work.

    I have a number of case studies to back up my statements:
    P8 Gen (NE)- Kun (SW) building for a heart surgeon who has done extremely well since occupying this space.

    Another case of a TCM practitioner who did particularly well the year that annual star 2 entered the front door.

    P7 and P8 buildings occupied by dentists (quite a few cases) where the ws7 is in their surgery room and they do extremely well.

    I agree that even though 2 or 7 can mean sickness or mouth problems respectively, it is up to the occupants as to how they use the qi, whether it will have this meaning or not.


    • Luis Says:

      One swallow does not make a summer.
      If you develop to be “scientific” then to apply scientific techniques.
      First: What is the universe of the study
      Second: What is the sample size of the study.
      Third: What are the results of such research

      If we speak of a city: Universe 10 million people
      Sample: 1,200 people
      Then you must have at least 1,200 cases “technically” tested before stating something

      The two or three cases have been good not mean it’s good for everyone.
      Maybe there are other external factors that influence the construction and that an error of interpretation.

      The star 2 is bad by nature
      The star 5 is bad for nauturaleza
      The star 7 is bad by nature
      The stars 2-5-7 are out of period in Period 8.

      If you want to support a funeral agency; that stars support?, the stars 5?
      It is illogical.

      The energy of the stars act according to their nature, do not act according to the profession that the person has.
      The star 7 brings problems and she can not distinguish the profession of people.
      Saying this is like saying that the star 7 would do damage to a mechanic on the first floor, but will bring benefits to a dentist on the 2nd floor.

      Anyone can tap the energy of the star 8 regardless of the profession you have. It all depends on the quality of the outer and inner energy that has local

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