Fan Yin 反吟 and Fu Yin 伏吟

September 23, 2013

I noticed that there is Fan Yin 反吟 and Fu Yin 伏吟 in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui. Can you enlighten me how to see the Fan Yin and Fu Yin a Flying Star chart. What are the implications and applications? -Question from a student.

Fu Ying can be translated as Repeated Chanting, it is liken to someone repeating every word that you said continuously (very annoying) and it is considered inauspicious and that happens when the mountain or facing star in the middle is the 5 Yellow and the numbers repeat the flying pattern of the Luoshu numbers in every palace.

Fan Yin is short for Fan Fu Yin or Opposite to Repeated Chanting and it is not considered inauspicious because in every palace the numbers (Mountain or Facing number with the Luoshu number) added up to 10 and this happens when the Mountain or Facing star in the middle is the 5 Yellow but the numbers are flying reverse to the Luoshu numbers.

We should try to avoid Fan Yin and if it is unavoidable then we can improve the visible form of the environment to lessen the harmful effects of the invisible Gua Qi influence of Fu Yin.

Since Facing Stars influence wealth so the impact would be related to wealth when the Fu Yin is with the Facing Stars. When the Fu Yin is with the Mountain Stars then the impact would be related to health. The type of Fan Yin we talked about here (e.g., Period 8 SW1 facing – see the left chart below) is opposite to Fu Yin, so there is no Gua Qi implication. But in this particular example you mentioned there is Fu Yin at the facing palace between the Mountain Star and the Period Star as well, plus all the four stars belong to Earth, so we need to be mindful of its negative influence due to repeated Gua Qi correlations of the same kind. Too much of the same makes things static and not able to handle changes. The means to overcome this is to make sure that the form is good at the front and there is “water” (real or virtual) to stimulate the timely Water Star 8 to give good influence to a static situation.

It is also interesting to know just one Mountain difference (Period 8 SW2 facing – see the right chart below) we would get Fu Yin of the Facing Stars and not Fan Yin. The star charts along the NE and SW axis are always very special especially during Period 8, so care should be taken when we have a building either sitting or facing along this axis.



2 Responses to “Fan Yin 反吟 and Fu Yin 伏吟”

  1. Liew Says:

    You said Fan Yin is opposite of Fu Yin and all palaces will add up to 10. Isn’t that good? If so why should we avoid Fan Yin (which you mentioned in the next paragraph)?

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