3 Case Studies from the Old Masters.

September 2, 2013

We had a very special work sample during our last master-course workshop in Zurich on feng shui and residential dwellings, where the use of the hetu numbers, the influence of the yearly stars and the how to handle 2 parts of a house built many years apart, have to be addressed. As apart of the feng shui theories in teaching, I translated the following 3 case studies from Master Shen Zhu-Reng and his son, to show how these issues were tackled in the past.

1) Shen’s Residence

The Shen’s residence in Wixi has a 2-skywells and 3 –rows building configuration. It sits on N2 and faces S2 and was built in Period 3.

In the past few years there were many mishaps, like the loss of wealth and loose gossips affecting the 3 women of the household (a grandmother of 81, a mother of 45 and a young woman of 27), who all have the Minggua of 6 White Metal, that is because the house controls the Ming of these 3 women and you can see it in the chart of the house.

At the facing palace, the Luoshu number is 9 and Period number is 7, 9 and 7 represented Latter and Early Heaven Fire. At the front door, the Luoshu number is 2 and the Period number is 9, again they represent the Early and Later Heaven Fire. The access door from the outside to the Kitchen is located at Xun, with a Luoshu number 4, a Period number 2 and a Sitting number 7, which mean Wood is feeding an Early Heaven Fire combination.

So all the 3 palaces at the front all have Fire to melt the 6 Metal Ming of the 3 women. Normally the Luoshu plate and the Period plate have less “immediacy and influence than the sitting and facing number, but in this case, there is a lot of synchronicity of the numbers to make the retro-divination sensible.

2) Wang’s Residence

The house sits on NE1 and faces SW1, it was built in the beginning of Period 4 (1924-1943).

The first few years were very good for the owner, as can be seen from the yearly star for 1925 (Yi Chou), 1926 (Bing Yin) and 1927 (Ding Mao). It is an interesting case because it has the untimely 7 Metal at the facing yet the yearly star entering from outside seems to have neutralized the situation. The owner holds a very important position in a gold-trading business, it is risky yet managed to do well, will it continue to do so? Master Shen commented that this house has a complete Sanban Gua (A “reversed house wirh Parent Sanban Gua), so it is an auspicious place to live.

Lets see how external influence of time of the yearly star is affecting the facing water star:

1925: Facing has control-in, door has control-out; so it should be an average year.
1926: Facing has generate-in, door is of-the-same; so it should be a good year.
1927: Facing has of-the-same, door has of-the-same as well; so it should be a good year as well.

3) The Sun Residence

The Sun residence has a older part at the front which was built in Period 5 and a newer part built in Period 3 (1919), it sits on Zi (N2) and faces Wu (S2), jian Gui (N3) and Ding (S3), which means a replacement for each is required.

The owner did well until after Period 3 while things begin to decline, it is because the back door of the front house begin to take in the declining qi of the back at the front in Period 4.

The situation became even worse in Ding Mao year (1927 – when1 flies into the middle palace) when the 5 Yellow arrive at the front of the house. Also in 1931 when the 5 Yellow arrive at the front door.


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