The Fourth International Feng Shui Convention, Moscow!

June 12, 2013

March 29-30, 2014

Open to all who are interested in Fengshui,
from practising professionals to the general public.

During the weekend 29-30 March, 2014, one of the world’s most important international Fengshui Conventions will once again be held in Moscow. It is open to the general public as well as Fengshui students and professionals. As in previous years, it will be attended by delegates from Russia, China, and many other European and Asian countries, all of whom are globally renowned for their specialist knowledge in Fengshui, Bazi, Yi Jing, the Chinese Calendar and many other aspects of Traditional Chinese Culture.

The conference provides participants with a wonderful opportunity to meet with so many experts in their fields, and to discover their philosophies and vision through their long experience of working with traditional Chinese culture in a modern context.

The previous Moscow Fengshui Conventions have achieved an enviable reputation not just for being a focal point for the enhancement of knowledge, but also for their wonderful social and friendly atmosphere.

Among the many speakers who have already confirmed their participation in the forthcoming conference are:

• Grand master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong);
• Master Derek Walters (Great Britain);
• Master Mimi Moorhouse (Great Britain);
• Dr Manfred Kubny (Germany); Expert in Chinese Chrono-psychology, Bazi Suanming;
• Howard Choy (Germany), Feng Shui Architect;
• Master Jet Lee (Singapore);

Although the language of the convention is principally Russian, English translation will be available, while non-Russian speakers will present their talks in English with Russian translation.

Website information in Russian:



2 Responses to “The Fourth International Feng Shui Convention, Moscow!”

  1. Wowww very good news Thanks for the information I was searching for International Feng Shui Convention.

  2. Howard ,
    it’s been so many years since I trained with you at what was the first Choy Lee Fut ‘Club’, in Sydney. I have a pic that I would love to send you a piece of nostalgia. My email is
    I trust life is treating you well.
    and yes still practicing…Huang Tai Chi with Tony Ward
    all the best
    Steve MacAlpine

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