The Peter and Paul Fortification at St Petersburg Russia

May 25, 2013

We (the first intake of the Professional Practitioners Course in Russia) went to the Peter and Paul Fortification today on a sunny morning for our on-site excursion to the founding spot of the city as a part of Unit 2 – Form School feng shui training. The group picture was taken in front of the Mint (No.4 on the map). We also looked at the feng shui organization of the site and showed how the Siling (the four animals) model can be deducted from the planning of this western European fortification by Peter the Great in 1703 with the help of Joseph Gaspard Lambert, a French engineer. The red dot (meeting of the two axis) showed approx. where the bell-tower for the SS Peter and Paul Cathedral is located, its golden spire is crownded with an angel spreading its wing over the city and is the highest visible point in St. Petersburg.

I am alway amazed as I travel around Europe how the traditional towns and villages are often located according to “the five essential components of a landscape moidel” (dili wujue) and the houses are laid out in “the four animals” (siling) configurations. I guess human response to our environment is universal, at least in the past and we do things more or less the same as far as feng shui is concerned.


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