Taiji Dao (Chinese Taiji Sabre) Techniques

January 23, 2013

We had a Taiji Dao workshop in Munich last weekend and below are some photos taken of some of the techniques we learned in countering an attack with a spear:






6 Responses to “Taiji Dao (Chinese Taiji Sabre) Techniques”

  1. Alex Galvan Says:

    Congratulation Howard look nice pictures and I can see how much you enjoy your work Alex Galvan from Sydney Australia say hi.

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Yeah, I do enjoy teaching Taiji, it is more like play than work, good that you drop by. Thanks.

  3. Rob Says:

    Came across your site. Thank you for the knowledge. I did an article with you years ago on Lohan qigong. I think you were studying CLF at that stage? My wife is a conservation architect so I find your thoughts most interesting. Go well. Rob McGlynn (Perth)

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Rob,
      Good to hear from you, I am still doing Lohan Qigong, but base in Berlin now. I am actually in Melbourne at the moment doing a 4 days FS workshop, great to be back in this country of sunshine, while Europe is in a freeze, cold dark and wet!

  4. Alexandra Says:

    Hi Howard,
    had a look at the nice pictures of the Munich workshop and was reminded of the old times when Heike and myself attended your workshops there. Now we live in the rural Highlands of Scotland and have been studying Chen Style Practical Method with Master Chen Zhonghua since 2010. All the best from Ullapool, Alexandra

  5. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    Good to hear that you are doing well, I’ve heard you are not in Munich any more, but surprised that you ended up in Scotland! If you are into Chen Style, do look up my old teacher Chen Xiaowag sometime, he is worth your trouble. My greeting to Heike.

    Howard (I am still wearing your “More Chi” T-shirt)

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