The Role and Responsibility of a Feng Shui Consultant

December 6, 2012

The role of a Feng Shui consultant, or what a Feng Shui consultant can do, is defined by what is meant by the term “Feng Shui” and “consultant”.

A consultant by definition is “a person who provides expert advice professionally” it is synonymous to being an adviser or a counsellor.

What is meant by Feng Shui was first given by Guo Pu 郭璞 in his classic the Zang Shu 葬書 and that is to “cheng sheng qi” 乘生氣 or to take advantage of the life enhancing and life nourishing qi of the environment, using “wind and water”, or the Yin and Yang forces of the land and the house as the modus of operation.

To “cheng sheng qi” is also expressed in Chinese as “qu ji bi xiong” 趨吉避凶 or “to hasten the auspicious and avoid the harmful”, that is to take advantage of what is constructive and to avoid what is desconstructive in a given situation, and this should be done on the 3 San Cai levels of Tian, Di and Ren (Heaven, Earth and Human) to be comprehensive and holistic.

In other words, the job of a Feng Shui consultant is to help his clients to take full advantage of what the natural and man-made environment can offer and avoid the pitfalls as much as possible, so his clients can be empowered physically, emotionally and spiritually, to help them to fulfil their needs.

The responsibility of a Feng Shui consultant is to assist his clients going through this Feng Shui process as an expert adviser and sometimes as a personal counsellor, in a professional manner, with honesty and sincerity (as expressed in the Chinese character “cheng” 誠).

He should establish a precise brief of what he should and can do right from the beginning and he should try his best at all times, but he is not responsible for his clients’ final decisions and actions, and this has to be made clear right from the beginning, to avoid any misunderstanding and unrealistic expectations.

Often Feng Shui don’t seem to work because the clients have unrealistic expectations of what Feng Shui can do. They think Feng Shui can do the impossible, like double or triple their income, find them a partner and make a woman fall pregnant or make them lucky and change their fate, etc. A Feng Shui consultant cannot do this directly with any styles of Feng Shui, even though he might be dishonest and tells his clients that he can do them.

What a Feng Shui consultant does is to re-order the environment in order to support and to help his clients to achieve their goals, he consults and he give expert advice, but the final outcome rests solely with the clients.

From J.C. Duffy’s Daily Blog:
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