We are off to China!

September 13, 2012

Another person has just joined in at the last minute, so we now have 21 participants plus Gyda and I on this Feng Shui study tour of China (“A Journey Through China of Old”) in less than a month’s time. I have been fully preoccupied with preparing the travel notes lately and altogether there are 21 sites to write up (21 again, must a lucky number!-):

1)   Feng Shui of Beijing 北京
2)   Cuandixia Village 爨地下村
3)   Prince Gong’s Mansion 恭王府
4)   Yungang Grotto 雲崗石窟
5)   Huayan Temple 華嚴寺
6)   Hanging Temple at Hengshan 恒山悬空寺
7)   Wooden Pagoda in Ying County 应县木塔
8)   Wutai Shan – Wuye Maio/ Tayuan Si/ Bodhisattva Summit 五台山
9)   Foguang Si 佛光寺
10) Chuangyang Gong太原純陽宮
11)  Twin Pagoda太原雙塔
12)  Jinci Temple 晉祠寺
13)  The Ancient City of Pingyao 平遙古城
14)  Qingxu Daoist Temple 清虛觀
15)  Chenghuang Maio 城隍廟
16)  Confucius Temple 文廟.
17)  Wang Family Mansion 王家大院
18)  Shaunglin Temple 雙林寺
19)  Qikouzhen Old Town in Linxian 磧口古鎮
20) Longxing Temple in Zhengding 隆興寺
21)  Yu Family Stone Village 于家石頭村

You can download a sample pdf file note of our first day’s trip to Cuandixia Village, about a couple of hours of coach ride from Beijing, by cut and paste the link below:


or to visit the article section of our ECOFS website (there are many other interest articles to read):


I hope to write up some dispatches from different places on our travel in the blog entries with photos and commentaries, so please stay tuned!

Photo montage by Michael Rapp.


5 Responses to “We are off to China!”

  1. Lois R. Alog Says:

    May I please know the details in case my schedule will permit to join this? Thank you so much!

  2. Teresa Hwang Says:

    Hello Howard……..I cannot open the pdf link on Cuandixia Village, can you send it to me in a different link please? Thanks! Teresa

  3. alex Says:

    hihi how much is the trip ?

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