Influence of adjoining palace in a Flying Star chart

July 19, 2012

I taught an advanced Flying Star module for the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui earlier this year and one of the students (Wayne Wong) asked a couple of interesting questions and I would like to share the answers here because they are FAQ in Feixing. Here is the first one and I will post the answer to the second question (on the influence of the yearly star by Master Shen and by Master Luo) at a later date.

“Could you explain how the influence of adjoining palaces works for flying stars? I understood for a room, which comprises of two palaces, you would compare the mountain star of one palace to the mountain star of the second palace and the same for the water star too. Would you first determine which of the mountain star is the host or guest? Maybe you can offer an example that would clarify this analysis from beginning to end.”

Often in a star chart, a room is showed falling within two palaces, and then we have to look at their mutual influence. If we were concerned with wealth, then we would look at the relationship between the Facing (or Water) stars and if we were concerned with health then we would look at the Sitting (or Mountain) stars. Because we are looking at the mutual influence, there is no need to consider “host” and “guest” most of the time, only the Wuxing Sheng-Ke (mutual generating and controlling relationship of the Five Elements) and timeliness.

Let us take the example below (a house built in Period 8 facing E2) and look at the room highlighted at SW, with influence from the West and SW. What we can find out is whether the room is suitable as a bedroom or as a home office; that is to look at the mutual influence of the Mountain Stars and then the Facing Stars.

In the mutual influence of the two Mountain stars, it showed a combination of 8,4 that is a timely 8 White Earth star is is being controlled by a 4 Green Wood out of time (“dead”) which is in-effective, allowing the timely 8 to take full control and that is considered to be auspicious.

However, when we look at the mutual influence of the two Facing stars, the combination of 8,3 is even better than 8,4 because we can see a Hetu pairing of Early Heaven Wood at the same time, indicating a potential growth in wealth, therefore a home office is more preferable but a bedroom is also suitable.

But on top of this, when we consider the form of the room, a home office wins out because having two doors means it is an active room, less conducive for sleeping, resting and private use, especially when this room function like a corridor connecting the to parts of the house.

It is important to note that we should not decide on what to do with a space just on the stars alone, we should also consider the physical context of the site and the human needs before an appropriate decision can be made.


8 Responses to “Influence of adjoining palace in a Flying Star chart”

  1. Aelita Leto Says:

    Thank you very refreshing info !

  2. Howard,
    How did you decide which was Host and which Visitor?

  3. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Robert, thanks for dropping by, the 8 is considered timely even though it is not the host.

  4. Devadog Says:

    Oh I’m always interested in what you write!

  5. Nikky Says:

    I’m having a big difficulty in understanding the floor plan and how you placed the stars on it, is the floor plan mirrored or only the flying stars?

  6. edsmolko Says:

    Very Enlightening. Moreover, This might be an idea to try. A Kechara Wealth Vase generates good health, long life, plentiful harvests, environmental protection and peace.

    • howardchoy Says:

      I have a wealth vase as well, it is a piggy bank made of brushed silver and I put all my loose change in it, when it is full I donate the collection to a charity. You can also try that instead of a Kechara Vase.

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