Bazi, Yijing and Feng Shui

April 24, 2012

According to Prof. Wang Yude’s lectures on the Yi-jing (“The Book Of Zhou Yi” – a 7-DVD collection of his TV presentation showed in picture below), divination like casting the Yijing is different to fate calculations like Bazi Suanming 八字算命. To him, Suanming (fate calculation) is not the same as Liuyao Yuce 六爻卜卦預測 (forecasting with the Yijing), which is concerned more with the potential of an outcome of an event based on looking at a numerical or symbolic pattern generated by synchronicity at the time of asking a specific question with the Yijing, whereas Suan-ming is more concerned with the potential of a person over a life time based on looking at the four pillars at birth.

In my opinion Feng Shui is again different, it is more concerned with how the environment would affect the person and vice versa, how we can hasten the auspicious and avoid the harmful so an appropriate decision for action can be taken at the right time and in the right place (that is the harmony of space, time and human action).

Unfortunately, many modern practitioners mixed Feng Shui with Bazi Suanming and also with Yijing divination nowadays, so now we have Bazi Feng Shui and Yijing Feng Shui, trying to make predictions of the future instead of working with the environment to enhance the quality of life of the occupants. We now have more and more Liqi 理氣 calculations and methods and less and less practical solutions using form and configuration 形勢 and the context of the site in Feng Shui. Instead of looking at the mutual influence of human and nature we now have the Bazi of a person dictating the environment and using meaningful chances in Synchronicity to locate the elements in a building, thus completely ignore the environmental factors and the human needs in Feng Shui.


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