A Flying Star Quiz

January 1, 2012

We just started a new commercial/residential development project in Weisenseer Spitze, about 10 minutes drive to the North-East of Berlin’s Central Business District, where our new architectural office (ar-qi-tekture) and Feng Shui school (ECOFS) will be located in an existing building under conservation at the front of the property, and 12 new residential units to be built behind .

We used Flying Star calculations in the design (see chart below with an auspicious “Prosperous Mountain and Prosperous Facing” pattern) and there is no financial pressure to finish the project with a fixed time frame, so the Flying Star quiz is, “Which of the 3 years, 2013, 2014 or 2015, is the best year to complete the project?” This year (2012) is too soon for a project of this size.

In 2013, 5 flies into the middle palace and 8 ends up in the NE; in 2014, 4 flies into the middle palace and 7 ends up in the NE and in 2015, 3 flies into the middle palace and 6 ends up in the NE. The yearly star in the NE palace represents the project and how it is related to the number in the central palace, to the Luoshu number and to the Period 8 number in the NE, will give us an indication of the influence of the Human Qi, Earth Qi and Heaven Qi of time respectively on the project.

If you are interested in the quiz, please send in your answer and reasoning (click “Leave a Comment”) before the Chinese New Year of the Dragon (23 January 2012), I will give my answer and reasoning afterward. It is a good way to practice your “prediction” skill to help with building scheduling on the first day of a new-year.

A Happy New Year to all!


13 Responses to “A Flying Star Quiz”

  1. Some more details please Howard.
    Actual compass bearing.
    Which of the buildings will be commenced first, second and third.
    What structures are around the compound / site.

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for your interest in the quiz, it is an exercise in yearly forecasts using only the time stars in the NE palace, so the actual compass bearing is not needed, but it is 210 degrees (SW1) and all building work will be done at the same time. You can download some info (in German) and pictures of the environment by clicking this link:

      • Mmmm can’t read German – can struggle by in French and reasonably competent in English but German no way.

        So you are using fu wei as the sitting palace.

        NE is visited
        by 9 in 2012 – tai sui is dragon (se) – sui po is dog (nw) – san sha is s
        by 1 in 2013 – tai sui is snake (se) – sui po is pig (nw) – san sha is e
        by 2 in 2014 – tai sui is horse (s) – sui po is rat (n) – san sha is n
        by 3 in 2015 – tai sui is sheep (sw) – sui po is ox (ne) san sha is w

        Depends which building you start first as to which chart prevails – ie if you start the middle building first or one of the units?

        Depends what is in the environment – is there any sha – are there any other building works or ‘municipal’ works going on or scheduled over the next 3 – 4 years..

        As the German’s are legendary in their ability to perform on time and within the budget (unlike Oz) I presume there will be no hold ups and so you can ensure that you do not violate any of the sui po’s tai sui and 5 sha’s.

        Late 2012 through 2013 would give you the best stars in the sitting palace BUT 2012, 2013 would possibly bring challenges to the facing palace – really depends on the form around you and what you start first, bearing in mind that the pig does not like the snake ;-) If you get someone else to project manage if you are going to use 2013 then that could be a plus!

  2. Steve POWELL Says:

    Hi Howard
    As it is a but a new year quizz I will do with what is given.

    a) you have the facing star violating hidden siren chartwide which may turn bad. But I take for granted that you took care about externals. nevertheless might hoard a deep hidden conflict between feng shui and architecture due to differences in cultures ( ie :Bastia in Corsica is a feng shui nightmare but fared not so bad in the west like some other eagle -nested towns)
    2) 2015 would give you 2-8- 6 in NE: not bad at all for income !
    The cherry on the icing: you would get a 147 in Zhen which is secondary wealth position for P8 and a proper place for ignition and expand isn’t?
    Now who would not like a 147 for such an endeavour as yours?

    & Yi Wei ‘s na yin would support Water….

    Best wishes for Ren Chen year. may it not be too wet!

  3. Steve POWELL Says:

    Hello M. H Choy

    As it is a new year quizz, i take it as it is.

    a) about this chart : there is a chartwide violation of Hidden Siren by facing star. So Must be careful about a nagging pending conflict. buried deep between FS and architecture due to civilisation differences.
    b) 2015 would place star 6 in NE giving you a 2-6-8 structure quite quite quite beneficial! and a 147 structure in Zhen again quite propre for ingnition and expanding for academics and written plans. – Plus the Yi Wei na yin would support the #1 ….

    Of course th eexternals are good, otherwise you would not b e there!

    With my best wishes for a not too wet Ren Chen year.


  4. miranda Says:

    Hello Howard,

    How are you?

    Best wishes for 2012.

    To support the NE Earth Elements complete the project in 2013.
    The annual stars in 2014 and 2015 are Metal and weaken the Earth Elements. Please note in 2015 Sui Poh resides in NE.


  5. Steve POWELL Says:

    Sorry, in my comment I wrote Bastia instead of Bonifaccio!


    • Aelita Leto Says:

      Analyzing the flying start chart for period 8 it is noticeable that in this particular case Mountain Star as representative of stability and protection and controller of luck cycle indicates that 8 is TIMELY STAR  – ” prosperous mountain” . Because of the timelines of the 8 white star it’s presence has potential to lead to wealth, success and fame. Water star also is timely arriving in SW palace according to the chart.
      Also this particular chart indicates that in every palace we see SUM OF TEN  (10) it is Auspicious Chart since Time Star and Mountain Star = 10 . As long as FORM is in place adding up to 10 can express it’s auspicious Qi.
      In my opinion the best year to complete the project would be 2013. As we all know when 5 yellow Earth star is  timely it’s presence is like having the Emperor sitting at his throne in the center that leads to great success in wealth and profit.
      During the year of 2013 NE sector has 8 as it’s location on Luoshu. That is potentially very  good as well. 8 Host  is earth element and has more earth added being the same earth element from  Luoshu. Host star is supported by the guest star and it indicates fortunate situation.

      Aelita Leto

      Feng  Shui Practitioner
      (408) 768 9496

      Your Environment is your Destiny!

  6. sintra Says:

    Hello M. Choy,
    I think 2014 is the best Years an indication of the influence of Dian-,Ti-, Ren- Qi of time respectively on the project.


  7. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Sintra,

    You are the first to mention 2014 being the best of the 3 options, can you please elaborate a bit more on your reasoning as to why 2014 is better than 2013 and 2015?

    Thanking you in advance,

    Howard Choy

    • Aelita Leto Says:

      Dear Howard, regarding year 2014 I was debating that option as well since the year of the Horse , 8 would be in the South position : Fire produces Earth and NE sector at that period would have 7 metal element arriving in NE. Since Fire generates Earth and Yearly animal is Horse I assume that could be favorable indicator being from Fire Team and favorable directions for that year is NE, S and NW .
      I also looked at the Compass and 3ed ring indicates in NE1 sector next ring after 8 as earth element , number 7

  8. Aelita Leto Says:

    Looking forward to the answers!

  9. sintra Says:

    Hi M.Choy,
    The auspicious Annual star to activ the sheng qi in SW is 1.
    2013 , the Qi in SW is very inauspicious,because the Lishi Qi accompanied by 5 Yellow, is not good for sell the Building.
    7 in NE in 2014, 7 Dui Gua Symbolic youngest daugther, NE is Gen Gua youngest son, is will be balance and make Harmony ( Yin & Yang ), is very auspicious for Fu Wei.
    8 would be in Grad duke Palast, it would be convert the bad Qi Huo Hai to auspicious Qi.
    By the way, 2014 Jia Wu is the harmonious Year, Wood produces Fire and the First Month ( Bing Yin ) Fire with wood the First Day Ren Yin Water with Wood it is very Auspicious Year.
    Rg, Sintra

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