A Flying Stars FAQ Concerning the 7,9 Combination

November 16, 2011

Hi Howard,

I have a few questions concerning the 7-9 combination…It is where the fireplace will be in a house in a living room, but in this case 9 is the host and the period star is also a 9. Is there still a fire issue with this combination even though fire is controlling metal? They also want their stove in a 7-9 combination where 7 is the host, in this case I will be using earth to put out the fire and maybe removing too much wood and may even suggest a yellow kettle that they leave on their cooktop. My third question concerning both of these situations is from your notes on pg162 of the GGSFS brochure “Flying Star & Luopan Compass”…..7-9 combination….”so if the external environment is facing a chimney, a furnace, an electrical tower ot a pointed shape with red coloring, it must lead to a fire disaster.” Do you mean the outside of the building facing something like this in the distance or do you mean the inside of this sector viewing onto this? In my case the fireplace has the chimney outside also in this sector, should I be putting square earthen pots outside? Oh and one last question, if this combination 7-9 is in the middle sector of the building, does that mean that there is a fire hazard for the whole building? 

Thank you, I hope my questions are clear, please let me know if they are not.

Kind Regards,


Hi Darlene,

Sorry for the late reply, I just finished a four days workshop and only now have time to catch up. I can understand the difficulty in analyzing the 7M9P9W combination, because in Flying Stars we use the Wuxing Sheng-Ke or the Five Elements relationship to establish the Ji-Xiong or the auspicious and harmfulness of a combination but in this case we also use the Early Heaven (EH) and the Later Heaven (LH) correlations to do our assessment.

In this combination of the stars, although the 9 Purple Fire Sheng Qi facing star can “melt” or control the 7 Red Metal Declining star mountain star adequately to avoid conflict, there is still the presence of EH Fire (7 is one-half of the 2,7 EH Fire in the Hetu pairing) and LH Fire (9 Purple Fire) in the same palace, so the potential for fire hazard is still present.

The other issue we have to consider is not only the physical form (a Fire shape) but also the functional use of the space in question, if internally there is a kitchen or a fireplace in use, then the potential to stimulate the harmful effect of the stars is high and if externally there is a restaurant kitchen chimney nearby and that is being used, then the potential for fire is also high. I should have avoided using the term “must” here, because we are talking about potential and tendencies.

When we use the Five Elements to assess the auspicious and harmfulness we can use the Five Elements Jie-Hua or “Cures”, but in this case the correlation we used is based is on EH and LH Fire, so the Five Elements, expressed through shape, colour and material, are not so relevant, it is better to be mindful of the potential for fire hazard and take great care when using fire in the said space/palace. Also as I suggested in the class, check whether there is a fire insurance policy, just in case.

If there is a 7,9 combination in the central palace, and there is fire in active use, then the potential of the fire spread out from the centre of the house is there, I would make sure there is a fire extinguisher readily available in the middle of the house. As they say, ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ .

I hope these explanations can clarify the situation for you.




4 Responses to “A Flying Stars FAQ Concerning the 7,9 Combination”

  1. Lim Says:

    Hi Howard, I came into your site while searching for some articles.My fengshui master says my house belongs to 三般卦,I read many articles on the net but none seems to make me understand more. Some says its bad, some says its excellent if one knows how to employ it. by the way, my house is 艮山,坤向,the master took the side with most windows and facing an open land as the facing. Maybe you can give me more insight? Thank you very much.

    Greetings from Singapore
    David Lim

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi David,

    Your house sits on Gen Mountain (NE2) and Kun Facing (SW2) and if your master says it belongs to a San Ban Gua (SBG) arrangement then it would be a pattern called “Fu Mu (parent of father and mother) SBG” and you can make use of this to your advantage by arranging the micro-environment accordingly, that is to have a “mountain” at the front (a quiet area like an enclosed front garden) and have some “water” at the back (movements and activity that you can connected to the house from that direction).

    There are not good or bad charts, it depends on how you use the physical form and configuration to match the Gua Qi numbers. It is a clever way the Chinese used to encourage you to pay attention to your environment and your needs through contemplating the “stars”.



  3. Sandra lao Says:

    Hi howard
    Is there a possibility of fire even if there is no 7-9 combination like a period 7 S1 facing.
    If a structure has a 79 combination like a period8 N2 facing property, what remedies can be done ?
    Greetings from the philippines

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for dropping by.

      Period 7 S1 Facing do show Gua Qi potential for fire because the combination 7m2p7w showed 2 EH Fire potentials (Mountain and Facing with Period number) and the Luoshu layer is a LH Fire (9 in the Li palace).

      In cases like Period 7 S1 Facing and Period 8 N2 Facing that you mentioned, where the Gua Qi potential for fire are shown, then there are 3 things you could and it is best to do them together, because one should always tackle a harmful potential on all 3 levels of Heaven, Earth and Human to be thorough:

      1) Use Earth Jiehua (“cure”) to weaken the Gua Qi Fire. (Heaven)
      2) Make sure the environment is pleasant and there are no physical causes that could give rise to fire hazards. (Earth)
      3) Buy some fire insurance, it is always a good thing to do. (Human)


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