Color in Feng Shui

October 19, 2011

It seems some consultants have the impression that color has no place in classic Feng Shui, this is one of the posts I replied in the Yahoo Traditional Feng Shui Discussion Group (, Susan is another lady I helped with her choice of color in a previous post:

> Hi friends,

> There is no place for colour in classic FengShui.

> Harrindra Dhruv
> FengShui Consultant

Hi Harrindra,

Color is a part of classical FS consideration, for example, in olden days only
the imperial household can use the yellow tiles on their buildings, because the
yellow is considered the kingly color, nowadays we should look at color choices
from 3 levels:

1) Human – the psychological level.
2) Earth – the functional and environmental level.
3) Heaven – the symbolic and the ritual/cultural level.

The final choice of a color scheme should reflect these 3 levels of
considerations to achieve a balance and harmony between the San Cai Qi of Tian
(Heaven), Di (Earth) and Ren (Human). This is one of the core aims of classical

If Susan don’t like the existing color of the door trims, then we should take
her concern into consideration as part of our tasks and come up with another
suggestion that suits her taste and fits in with the rest of the scheme. If she
wants to paint the door red because that is her understanding about FS, then she
has a Ganying or a mutual resonance with red at that level, and we should take
her level of understanding into consideration as well. If we want to change that
then we have to give a good explanation, so she can connect to the new choice.
Without Ganying, FS won’t work because there is not connection between the users
and their environment, this is also how FS “cures” work, through Ganying between
the objects used and the meanings attached to them.

As a consultant we should help our clients to select a color scheme from their
perspective and not from our own color preference and we should explain clearly
to them the reasons for our choice so they can connect to what we have in mind,
and let them make the final decision, they have to live with the colors, we walk
away from them after our consultation.

We perceive the Qi of the environment with our five senses and our mind, and
since the sight is the most acute of all the senses, we must not neglect color
in Feng Shui, but we must consider the choices from all 3 levels and not just
the Heaven level.

Howard Choy

Nature can also be an inspiration, the colors of a nearby tree trunk can give us a lot of creative ideas about how to do a color scheme for a house.


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