Postcard from St. Petersburg

September 13, 2011

Just spent four days with a group of keen and hard working students, going through how to use Feng Shui to plan a new holiday house about 2 hours from the city. The theory we did included a PowerPoint presentation on Feng Shui and Residential Development plus going through the translations for the 30 Rules of a Yang Dwelling from Shen’s Xuan Kong Study.

The practical lesson we learned in this workshop is not just to use only the Compass methods to do the analysis and planning, but we must first understand the human needs and the context of the site before the Gua Qi of the Stars can make any sense.

The planning at the end came straight out from our Earth and Heaven Qi analysis, and when they combined with the client’s feelings and needs (the Human Qi), the solution just drop out from the sky onto our lap.

Thank you Natalia (seated to the right of me in the picture below – Dragon Pearl Feng Shui) for organizing the workshop and thank you Alexey (to the left of me) for doing the translation, we do make a wonderful team and I look forward to be back again next spring.

If you are interested in the result of our work, you can download a copy of the report in our ECOFS webpage:


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