Typical Worries about Wealth and a 2,5 Combination in a Flying Star Chart

June 9, 2011

Q. Let me use my own house as example:

Main door(@ southeast corner) – 2m 5w 7 base
Center – 1m 6w 8 base
Cycle 8 mansion facing straight east.

Should I be worried about the 2,5 combo?

A. On paper there is a lack of Gua Qi support for wealth in your house, if that is the case, you can do something with Gua Qi at the front door, in doing do you might like to take the opportunity to examine your wealth strategy at the same time; if not, then the Gua Qi has not exerted its negative influence for some reasons (eg. good form FS, good Earth Qi or a hard working thinking man, etc apart from the Gua Qi of the house) and you don’t have to worry about it.

Q. Thanks! I am not doing well money wise although my husband is doing well. This is the reason I cannot decide whether we have good FS or bad.

What makes our house lack of Gua Qi for wealth? Is it due to the straight east facing in 8th cycle? Or 2,5 at the door? I want to place metal at door to shed 2,5 but afraid that would diminish my husband’s luck. So want to be sure before I do any setup, although there is already a tank of fish at door.

A. The numbers in a Flying Stars chart can be like a mirror, by interpreting them with correlative thinking, they allow you to look deeper into yourself living in your present environment.

The numbers in your chart showed that there is a lack of Guaqi support for wealth, your feedback to this interpretation is that your husband has wealth but you would like to have some as well, which brings up a question, “Is this wealth that you are feel lacking is really about money or something else?” Because if a family functions as one single unit, then there is wealth no matter which partner has it.

By contemplating this question you’ll get a chance to look deeper into yourself and your real needs (e.g. Security? Freedom? Love?), and when you have find out what they are and what priorities you’ll give them, then you can change your environment to support these needs and it should be done in a practical as well as a symbolic way.

For example, if a feeling of a lack of wealth is really about security for argument sake, and you have a 2,5 combination at the front door, we can first work out what exactly in your life that makes you feel insecure and what you can do about it, then we can install a metal security screen door at the front door (Metal will weaken the harmful influence of 2,5 Earth out of time) that will give you physical protection but at the same time works as an environmental symbol to remain you every time you walk through the front door that your priority for the time being is to achieve security.

In the end, you have a plan for action, an improvement in physical security and also a symbol, almost like a prayer by “curing” the bad stars, to remain you constantly to fulfil your needs. In this setup, where Heaven, Earth and Human Qi all come together (“practically efficient and ritually correct”), the chance for success is high but you need to realize it is not automatic.

As you can see from this one simple example, it is uniquely tailored made to your needs in a given situation, the same chart for a different person and for a different situation can have different outcomes and that is why there is not fixed correct answers in a Flying Stars consultation, only appropriate ones to suit the context of the site and the person(s) involved at a given time.

The next course on Flying Stars will be held in Krakow (Unit 5 of the Professional Practitioners Course) in two weeks time (http://www.fengshui.biz.pl/) and the week after for the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui in Berkeley California (http://www.fengshuischool.com/)


2 Responses to “Typical Worries about Wealth and a 2,5 Combination in a Flying Star Chart”

  1. lucy Says:


    my name is lucy from singapore. can I seek you to help see my house direction qi

    My house NE3 ( 65 degree ) sitting SW facing NE.
    I am currently undergoing alot of bad luck ( myabe my bazi is also not good ) can U help me to find tune abit so that I can have better qi

    My email lucyng789@yahoo.com.sg

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Lucy,

      It is not so easy to help over the internet, it takes a bit of time to get it right and I don’t have that for now, please consult an expert in your city and see if he or she can assist you.


      Howard Choy

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