Q&A from Eva regarding Bazhai – Pie or Square?

May 31, 2011

i wonder if you can answer me please
regardind bazhai i saw you put the ho hai ,liu sha and all the other good and bad sectors in the same pizza as flying stars. i know another way to put the bazahi in 8 square sectors(as model of bagua) with qi destribution. means devide the palaces by sectors. how can we know what is correct’ is there any indication in the old texts?
thank you from the bottom of my heart

Hi Eva,

This question has been asked by students many times over, the confusion came about due to the lack of access to old documents, I have scanned a couple of pages from a Bazhai Mingjin book published in the 55th Year of Emperor Qianlong’s Reign  (1790) and it showed clearly the 8 Wandering Qi for the different Palaces are distributed in a pie formation. I hope this answers your query adequately.


Howard Choy


3 Responses to “Q&A from Eva regarding Bazhai – Pie or Square?”

  1. eva pirtz Says:

    dear mr choy
    thank you so much for your quick reply. i appreciated your research attitude in your blog about many subjects. yap cheng hai and joey yap for example,are sure that we need to imply bazhai on square . is there any book that contradict pie as well? why there are 2 version people can fight to proof them? can we say that it is all about types of chi and all the answers are true, and we can work in both way? i will try now to imply bazahi in pie but i am still confuse. i will not bother you any more. i appreciate so much your answer.
    thank you

  2. Steve Says:

    Dear Eva

    Schools like J Y or YCH are presenting square grids as Qi maps. You may ask yourself: is a Qi map an architect’s plan? On old Chinese geographical maps, cities have long been drawn square to conform with model whatever their actual real shape was!
    A map is not the terrain!
    The 8 pie shows the directions the 8 Qi are coming from.

    Thanks a lot M. Choy for the Gua/stems charts!

    With my best regards.

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