Andrezej Fasiecki – Artist and Taiji Player I

April 5, 2011

Andrezej Fasiecki is a Polish artist fro Poznan, he does Taijiquan and Qigong with me but we are more like friends than student and teacher. I don’t speak Polish at all and Andrezej don’t speak English well but we seem to communicate quite well without the spoken words.

I am always fascinated by  his work because they are always thoughtful and interesting, below is his latest sculpture/painting which I like because it suggests many things although he said it is just a piece of musical instrument in his head. I can “see” and that leads to thoughts of religious music in the cross, and I can see the strings as well as the musical notations. The solid and the void play against each other and it is quite an aggressive piece to depict music.

All these yin/yang contrasts and contradictions makes the art worthwhile to look at, at least from my point of view.



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