Feng Shui finds new foothold in China

February 24, 2011

Chian Daily reported recently (2011-01-18) that Feng Shui practice has found a new foothold in the booming property market in China. It said, “China’s top real estate and home furnishing website, soufun.com, held a recent online survey among more than 4,000 people and more than 85 percent respondents said they had applied some feng shui practices in their homes.”

It also said, “Despite past debates, Feng Shui is now getting more official credibility after the Ministry of Culture announced in June last year it was considering listing Feng Shui as a national intangible cultural heritage.”

That is fantastic news, because if Feng Shui is regard as a national intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, then the government would spend money and man power to do more research on the subject. At the moment the government makes no effort to promote Feng Shui, but it does not ban Feng Shui as a superstition either like in the past, so Feng Shui is in a kind of limbo in China at the moment.

However, most experts are coming around to see Feng Shui as a useful tool and as long as we can keep the superstitious element out of Feng Shui , it can benefit the society in general. “Feng Shui is not an occult science or superstition, but belongs to the field of construction management. It is a decision-making tool for people to evaluate the environment, as well as optimizing interpersonal and human-nature relationships, in a bid to achieve an overall harmony”, says Yi Bu, the president of International Society of  Yijing Culture.

Despite all the advances in understanding Feng Shui, most people are still mis-informed about the subject, below is a picture taken from the same article showing a family living below a fish pond with a glass bottom, hoping a large fish tank like this can bring about great wealth. I am afraid in this case; it will only bring potential trouble for a leaking home that needs a large amount of money to fix!

But it is still good to hear that Feng Shui is slowly making headway in China.

This situation can be interpretated as the Bi hexagram, Kan over Kun, the middle son is controlling the mother, It has Yin and Yang so it will last and will lead to eventual trouble. Sorry to pour cold water over fish lovers (punt intended) but I sure would not like to live under a body of water like this!


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