Residential Development with Flying Stars

February 16, 2011

Once a while we are fortunate enough to come into possession of a site that is best suitable for Flying Stars.

This “Group-Housing” project (Baugruppe) we are working on at the moment in Berlin-Weissensee has a facing towards SW1 (210 degrees), which gives us a most desirable “Wang Shan Wang Xiang” pattern (a “Timely Mountain and Timely Facing” chart has the most potential for good health and wealth since it is timely built and orientated), which means the facing of all the units can be orientated to the sun and the main entrance of the two new residential blocks can enter either through the timely Water star 8 at the facing or with the 1,4 combination for literary success, making the buildings not only functionally efficient but ritually correct.

Below shows our Flying Stars overlaid and a couple of perspectives on the project (a bird’s eye view of the project and a perspective of the rear residential block looking from the inner courtyard), for further information’s you can click onto our office “ar-qi-tektur” blog. Do tell your friend about this project if they are looking for a new home in Berlin built with Feng Shui principles and ecologically constructed according to the material and the context of the site.

Flying Stars over-laid

Bird's eye-view of development

View of Rear Block from Courtyard


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