Intensive Workshop on the Luopan Compass

November 15, 2010

Since many students have asked me about the Luopan course next year, I have attached the information below:

A 5-Days Intensive Master-Course on the theory and the Practical Use of the Xuan Kong Bazhai Luopan Compass + the 3 San He Water Methods

With Cai Hong (Howard Choy), Feng Shui Architects of Sydney and Berlin
European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS)
Berlin, April 07 -11, 2011

This five days intensive course will cover the whole of the working of the 12 rings of the Xuan Kong Bazhai Luopan designed by Howard Choy and produced by in English and Chinese with a bonus course on the 3 San He Water Methods, using an additional San He Luopan.

The participants will learn the use of the following Liqi Pai techniques:

1)   “Longmen Baju” or the “Eight Sets of Dragon Gates” also known as the “Early and Later Heaven Water Methods”.
2)   The theory and the use of the Replacement Stars in Xuan Kong Feixing.
3)   The use of the 24 Mountains in Xuan Kong Feixing calculations, with a comprehensive checklist on how to carry out a Flying Stars audit and analysis with the Luopan Compass.
4)   Calculate the influence of the External Gua Qi Field on the Internal Gua Qi Field of a Flying Stars chart.
5)   Date selection for construction using the 24 Solar Terms
6)   How to use the Bazhai ring to obtain the 8 Wandering Stars on site with the Luopan compass.
7)   The theory and the use of the Xuan Kong Da Gua system, including how to obtain the “One Pure Gua”,  “Mutually Generating” and “Adding Up to 10” arrangements.
8)   The 3 San-He Water Methods: a) “The Four Large Water Mouth Method”, b) “The Later Heaven Water Method” and c) “The San He Four Large Arrangements Method”.

You will have a chance to purchase the hand made Luopan by Thomson House in Hong Kong at a reduced price of Euro200.00 (Normal price Euro 240.00), signed by the designer. Full teaching notes in will be provided.

If you have your own Luopan then you might encounter difficulties in translating the information onto your own equipment, but we should try our best to overcome the problems.

This workshop is suitable for students with some knowledge of Feng Shui fundamentals, but since we will cover five Feng Shui systems and one date selection method; your serious commitment to study is required. The workshop will be contacted in English with German translation. Extra personal tutorials and discussions are available if required.

By the end of the workshop you can use a Luopan compass fully with the knowledge of all the rings and how to use them at your fingertips.


3 Responses to “Intensive Workshop on the Luopan Compass”

  1. Hi,

    Might it be possible for me to purchase 6 of your lou pans? I am teaching a class on Flying Star Feng Shui in 3 weeks. Many thanks, Hope Gerecht

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Karen,

      Not possible in 3 weeks as my stock has ran out and I am waiting for a new shipment. I need a long time frame to get the the number you’ll need.

      Thanks for asking.

      Howard Choy

  2. xun Says:

    Hi Master Hung,

    I like to buy your english luopan.

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