How to Tap into the Flying Stars

October 20, 2010

I came across this interesting question often asked by FS students today:

Q:  “How do we tap into the flying stars?
Websites they recommend cures for the affected sectors, to enhance or suppress residing qi.
Is this like tapping into your sheng chi or nian yan sectors of your gua number.
Or is it rather the room placement of the house?

A:  A very good and often asked question and a very difficult one to answer, because what you are asking in fact is the functioning mechanism behind Liqi or Compass FS, but I will give it a try:

We tap into the flying stars by “ganying” 感應 or “mutual resonance”, to use a FS jargon.

The flying stars are symbols of the trigrams from the Yijing correlated to many things such as our body parts and organs, they are intangible and formless, we called them Gua Qi (qi of the trigrams in FS), they showed potentials and tendencies but they are not real and they are very different to the things with form and tangible like your bed or a piece of metal sculpture, we called them Form Qi. In the process of tapping into the flying stars we link the intangible with the tangible, the form with the formless (that is we link the Gua Qi with the Form Qi) by connecting the two with a conscious awareness or a subconscious belief that they would and could influence each other.

For example when you see a combination of 2,5 at the front door in your star chart, which you understand from your FS study that they signified a potential for illness and disaster, as a result it gets you worried because illness and disaster are ever present in our life, and it seems to be happening at the often used front door this time, so to overcome this worry and to “prevent” this potential from happening, you put up some metal, a metal sculpture for instance, as a “cure” with Form Qi near the front door to weaken the potential harmfulness of the 2,5 stars, the harmful Gau Qi potentail.

This metal sculpture, or the “cure”, that you put up now works as a symbols and a visual remainder. So every time you walk through the front door your awareness for illness and disaster is heightened but you feel better now and your worry is lessen because your are now “prepared”. That is, the object or the cure you put up now resonates with your feelings and that is how you tap into the flying stars, by linking up the Gua Qi with the Form Qi through “Ganying or “mutual resonance” mentioned at the beginning.

The stars are not real, they require your awareness, your understanding and your desire to connect and to overcome to become “real” in your subsequent decisions and actions.

We can do the same by moving furniture, change the function of a room or change the colour and the furnishing, etc. The approach for Bazhai “fixes” (eg. moving stoves and doors to tap into your sheng chi or nian yan sectors of your gua number) is very similar to Flying Stars “cures” because that have the same philosophical basis in the Yijing.

This level of tapping into the flying stars belongs to the “folk” or psychological level, I will talk about  the more practical and useful, or some may say the more advanced, “academic” level, in my coming posting. Stay tuned.


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