A Real Feng Shui Master

June 25, 2010

Some Thoughts on a Real Feng Shui Master:

A real Feng Shui master has the philosophical understanding and the technical know-how but he does not use them for mastery of a situation or to seek a final solution for a problem. He uses his knowledge and understanding to facilitate.

He understands the complexity of life and human nature, so he dares not to simplify what is inherently complex, but allow the complicity to be, and seek the “in-betweens” to help others to navigate, using nature and the built environment as a vehicle for the process.

He does not look for a solution nor sees the temporary breakdown as a problem to be solved, he sees instead what he does as a process of helping his clients to navigate between what can be, what should be and what is in a given space and time.

He knows there is no end point and there is no complete understanding and when we can see this as well, we understand a little bit more and see a bit clearer to allow the life process to go on.

Being complete is to start from the beginning again. Only a beginner looks for a complete set of Feng Shui theories, thinking that if they can have these theories, they have “arrived” and they can do wonders with Feng Shui.

A Feng Shui master is not so naïve; he sees and accepts the unknown as if they are the vast darkness between the stars that made up the night sky.  The mysterious void is the wellspring that leads us to the stars, so a real Feng Shui master knows what he does is  Xuan-Kong 玄空 – Empty and Mysterious.


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