Finnish Radio Interview

June 24, 2010

The following is a transcript of a 10-minutes short radio interview with Leila Malmefjall of on the subject of bedroom FS, you might hear the edited and translated version in Finish and Swedish in the near future, if you tune into their station through the internet:

LM: Tell us briefly about who you are and your background

I am a FS architect; that is I am a qualified and practicing architect who uses FS in his work and I am also a FS consultant and a FS teacher.

I was born in China and migrated to Australia when I was a teenager. I graduated from architecture at UNSW (Sydney) in 1974 and has been studying and using FS in my work for over 30 years. I am classically trained and my teachers are from HK and Mainland China.

LM: Feng Shui in the bedroom: What colors are best in the bedroom?

The choice of color has 3 levels: the Heaven, the Human and the earth level.

The Human level means you should always choose a color that you like because it means psychologically you are attuned to this color.

The Earth level means you should pay attention to the purpose and function of a room and in this case it is a bedroom and a bedroom should be quiet and calm, so the color choice should be a quiet and calm one as well.

Bright colors in a bedroom is not recommended, a more intimate and a more “qingdan” (simple, light and elegant) color is more desirable in a bedroom.

The Heaven level is where the FS color comes in, but it should be done as an accent color and not the color of the whole room. For example, if the FS says your bedroom needs some Fire, it does not mean you should paint the whole room in bright red!

Also the sun play a part, if your bedroom is a sunny one, then the general color tone should be a cool one to balance out the yin and yang and if your bedroom is in a cold place then the color should have a warmer tone.

There is no one best color of the same for everyone, it depends on the person and the place and also the FS adjustments required.

LM: Should one avoid a TV in the bedroom?

Definitely, because a bedroom is where you sleep and rest and make love (some of the time), so a TV is not a suitable equipment to have because you will tended to watch the TV and not look at each other or take a quiet rest. The same goes with a computer or working in a bedroom, they are inappropriate things to have and to do in a bedroom.

LM: Things above one’s head?

We perceive the influence of FS Qi with our five senses and also our mind and the visual is the most acute, so it is best not to see something heavy like an exposed beam or a hanging pot-plant over our head because they worry us.

Also a skylight directly above is not a good idea either, because the connection heavenward is too strong and it would disturb your sleep lying down.

LM: Flowers in the bedroom?

Flowers and plants are desirable in a bedroom because they absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen as you sleep to help with rejuvenation. They will make your bedroom look nicer and smell better if the right type of flowers and plants are chosen.

LM: Is there a difference between if you are single or a couple when it comes to furnishing the bedroom?

If you are an adult, it is best to have a double bed at all time instead of a single one. Not only it gives you more room but also the empty space left over will remain you it will be good to have someone sleeping next to you!

LM: How have you furnished your bedroom?

We have a nice big bedroom, about 4X5 meters in size and we have a king-size bed located against a solid wall, so we can have a view to the window and balcony as well as a view of the door. This way we always feel secured and have a vision of the door and the outside at the same time.

Our bed is a futon one made of solid teak timber, it is neither too high nor too low off the floor and we always keep the underside clear and well ventilated.

The room is painted off white and we have paintings and photos that we like. The biggest piece is an oil painting done by an artist friend and it hang next to the door.

There is no TV or computer in the room and we never work there. Sometimes I do my qigong exercises there when the weather is too cold outside and that is all.

In one corner of the room we have some candles on a sand and pebble tray and at least once or twice a week I would message my wife with the candle lights on, these are our intimate hours and we would make sure we will have this time no matter how busy we are.

My wife is also a FS Architect so we know how important is to furnish our bedroom well FS-wise to cultivate our affection and our life Qi.

LM: Tell us a little about your architect business.

We have a small practice in Berlin composed of 3 FS architects and we do FS architecture and consultations all over the world.

Right now we are finishing off a one-family house by the lake just on the edge of Berlin and also our 230 years-old farm house made of mud and timber about 80 km away from our home.

Another job we just finished is a harmony-living center in Slovenia for a group of British clients, in this job we worked both as the FS consultant and then the FS architect/designer. A local architect did the documentation and supervision.

We also do FS consultations and right now we are working on the Star City Casino in Sydney and we have been doing this large-scale job for the last 18 months.

We also do FS teaching all over Europe through our European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS – and sometimes we take people on a FS study tour of China. This year we will visit the sacred mountains and temples all over China (

Thank you Leila for the opportunity to talk in your radio.



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