Which Chart to Use?

April 18, 2010

I am in San Francisco teaching Basic Flying Stars for the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui in this lovely hotel by the bay. One of the exercise I did with the students was to work out the sitting and facing of the hotel to determine which chart to use. The hotel was built nearly 17 years ago (Period 7) and business has been doing well.

The difficulties in working out the sitting and facing are twofold, the first is the hotel is located between real water and virtual water on either side, the second is the architect has angled the building in two different ways, so best is to look at not only the big picture with Google Earth but also to walk around on the site.

There is a definite “Mountain” to the West on closer inspection because the highway is about one to one and half meters higher and the architect has planted many trees in this direction and there are more solid walls. So the task is to work out wether it is facing East or North East, and by doing two charts the outcomes become very clear.

The East facing chart has a “Timely Water going up Mountain and timely Mountain going down Water” pattern, so in theory they should be doing badly financial and management-wise because there is no Mountain at the front and the Water at the back is a very busy and unpleasant highway.

The NE facing has a “Timely Mountain and timely Water” pattern, so in theory they should have been doing well both financial and management-wise and that is the case. It is a pleasant place to be.

So the past history helped us determined which chart to use, very clearly. The computer calculations and overlays are done by Kevin Ross, one of the clever students in this course. The chart on the top is facing East and the chart below is facing NE.


2 Responses to “Which Chart to Use?”

  1. HumbleOpinion Says:

    Hi! I suppose the highway is more active, more hectic in comparison to the “stationary” body of water — so the sea side is more likely the sitting side and the highway is the facing side.

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Humble Opinion,

      It looks that way on the Google Earth picture but when we are on the site and walking around the building, the architect did everything he can to shield the hotel from the unpleasant influence of the highway and he open all the rooms to the water and the afternoon sun; this is also the side where the public can walk along the sea shore and the guests sit and enjoy the water and the sun, so on the micro level, the sea side feels more like the facing.

      That was one of the two issues we have to decide and we went for the water side as the facing because it si more active on the micro level whereas the highway is more active on the macro level. What is closer has more immediate influence and we have to take that into consideration when determining the sitting and the facing of a building.

      Thanks for dropping by.


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