The Functioning Mechanism of Feng Shui

February 2, 2010

Most people, including some FS consultants, have no idea how Feng Shui really works in practice, the following is a typical remark about FS “cures” we use, they treated the objects, in this case a calabash, they hang up, can actually do the job of healing or bring in wealth or whatever people desired, not knowing it is really “ganying” at work. Below the given remark from J, I tried to explain how Feng Shui works from my experience:

“As you and I both know, most of the Feng Shui cures are based on psychology. However, I have used a large, naturally grown wu luo in a child’s bedroom and seen them improve in their health – when they didn’t even know or understand about it and therefore it cannot be psychology at work.

I have used the sound of metal and it has worked, I have also used specific colours and they have worked. I have also seen an open fireplace in use on a Mountain Star 5 that has caused disastrous consequences, is this also psychology? I think

Hi J,

If we can connection the needs and concerns of our clients to the environment and improve the environment at the same time, then it will likely to work whether the symbols came from a shop or home-made. Just because we are not aware of it consciously, it does not mean it is not working on a subconscious level.

“Ganying” (mutual resonance) of the form and the formless is the functioning mechanism behind FS. It is not just psychology (Human Qi), it also involves environmental design (Earth Qi) and the cycles of time (Heaven).

Because the Sancai Qi (Earth, Human and Heaven) is involved, the outcome can never be like a clockwork – the same every time and we cannot attribute the cause to just one thing, it always involve the overlapping of three qi fields at the same time.

A fireplace in the same location can affect different people in different times differently, so the answer is never so simple as looking at a flying star chart and put some cures here and there. The same applied to sickness or the need for security.

Start from the tangible and work towards the intangible and back again, over and over again, somewhere between the Yin and Yang of the three Sancai Qi fields there is our answer.

It is neither a correct nor an accurate answer but an appropriate one to the Sancai Qi of a particular situation because every given situation is unique, so there is no fixed standard for correctness nor accuracy, only a relative appropriateness, and it may changes as soon as the FS is done, for the only constant is change.

As we can see, it takes a lot of skills to be a good FS consultant. Hanging up a gourd, whether it is a brass or an organic one, is only a very very very small part of FS, so please don’t judge the overall effectiveness only on a cure.


One Response to “The Functioning Mechanism of Feng Shui”

  1. HumbleOpinion Says:

    Great article. I met several cases when the XKFX stars explained the situation perfectly, but the disaster would have not happened without Human catalyst.

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