Wuxing of the Bazhai Wandering Stars

January 7, 2010

Why do we get different Elements in a Bazhai chart is a question often asked by beginner students learning the Bazhai Mingjing system of Feng Shui. Here is my answer:

If we look at the Bazhai Luoshu Wandering Stars chart posted below, one can see in the Kun trigram/palace, the Luoshu element is Yin Earth, but in the same palace is the wandering star Lu Cun and by changing the lower first Yao lines, it is correlated to the Bazhai wandering star Huo Hai, so when it goes wandering according to the formula laid down in the Da Yunian Ge (Song of the Big Yearly Cycle) – which is another way to represent the outcome of the changing Yao lines, the Huo Hai wandering takes this Yin Earth element with it, so we ended up with a Luoshu element and a wandering star element. This applies to all palaces.

Since in the Bazhai Mingjing system, there is the Zhaigua wandering stars as well as the Minggua wandering stars, so we ended up with 3 sets of elements, one for the Luoshu, one for the “Zhai” (dwelling) and one for the “Ming” (occupant) in any one of the 8 palaces.

But that is not so different to other systems like Xuankong Feixing (XKFX), where in each of the palace, there is the Luoshu element, the Period star element, the facing star element and the sitting star element as well. Like the Bazhai system, all these different elements are generated by the Luoshu as the stars went “flying” in XKFX or in the case of Bazhai they went “wandering”.

When we can understand how a chart is constructed in a Liqi system, then we can see it is no more than a pattern language made of interacting symbols and numbers with their correlations. We can only speak of the accuracy in its construction according to a set of rules, there is no guarantee of accuracy in its interpretations because it is done by an individual.

So when people speak about their experience in the accuracy of a Liqi system, be it Bazhai Mingjing, Yangzhai San Yao, Xuankong Dagua and Xuankong Feixing etc., they are speaking about their ability to use (that is to interpret) a particular system that makes it more “accurate” (or makes more sense), and not really about the system itself.


8 Responses to “Wuxing of the Bazhai Wandering Stars”

  1. HumbleOpinion Says:

    I’ve always known this method as Wandering Stars 颻星, hence the stars not always in the same sector, i.e. they wander (颻). Can you explain why it is called “wondering”?

  2. howardchoy Says:

    Hi HumbleOpinion,

    I think they are called “wandering” stars instead of “flying” stars, because the location of these “wandering” stars are determined by different types of Yao line changing, rather than just following, or “flying” along, the Luoshu numbers to get their locations.

    Hope this helps,

    Howard Choy (fsa)

  3. HumbleOpinion Says:

    I see, so there is no “wonder”, only “wander” :)

  4. howardchoy Says:

    I tried to correct my Chinglish while in Nantes but somehow the hotel’s internet only allowed me to answer you but not my editing and you jumped before I have a chance to hide my mistakes. :-) I wonder sometimes why we wander so much and not just stay at home!

  5. HumbleOpinion Says:

    I hope you had good time in Nantes. Thanks for the clarification.

  6. lalita jain Says:

    can you explain some advance 8mansions theory

  7. lalita jain Says:

    please let me know if the bzmj translationsare available in english

  8. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Lalita,

    Thanks for dropping by, I will write some notes on advance Bazhai in the future, meanwhile you might like to look up some translations in progress on Bazhai Mingjing by Terrence Chan in the fivearts.net forum, but you have to join and log in to read them.


    Howrd Choy

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