Which Period to Use?

December 26, 2009

This question of which Period to use in making up a Flying Star chart often confuse the beginners because different teachers and practitioners say different things. Recently this question was again discussed in the Five Arts Forum:

“I had an opportunity recently to attend a workshop by a renowned master. According to him, the pattern of the Qi in the atmosphere have changed with the change of time period say from Period 7 to Period 8, the Qi entering the house represents the current period Qi. So every house’s star chart will change to period 8 star chart.”

“I have been working with Xuankong Feixing and during my practice I have found that the moving in period, if there has been major renovations like changing the floor tiles – changing the main door etc, has coincided with the events (and changed the period). In my opinion Human Qi is most powerful.  Man can change the Feng Shui of the house and Man can affect his destiny by Good Karma. The Human Action is most powerful.”

Below is my edited comment to these two remarks:

In my humble opinion, both the master and the practitioner got 1 out of 3 for the effort, because in the first case the Earth Qi and the Human Qi have not changed, and the second case the Earth and the Heaven Qi have not changed, what we should be looking at is the influence of Period 8 on a house built in another period, that way the past Gua Qi and the present Gua Qi interact and reflect closer of the reality.

The same can be said for each new yearly cycle when the qi of the atmosphere also has changed, do we get a new chart or an extra number to consider? The answer is no, we don’t make up a new chart with a new period number; we make up an extra number to reflect the yearly cyclical changes to consider with the existing chart.

Also the same can be said of a new business or a new occupant coming into the house, do we get a new chart or do we look at the external Ming Gua influence of this new comer affecting the existing Guaqi of a house built in another time? The answer is again no, for even though Human Qi is powerful, it is still one third of the equation.

What about the change of Earth Qi when someone added a basement to the house or an extra room in the attic, do we get a new chart again? Again the same reasoning applies for changing the Earth Qi only is still one third of the equation.

My take is to keep the original natal chart (like one does with a Bazi), unless we demolished the house or make extensive changes that change the basic pattern of Heaven, Earth and Human Qi (like a house being bombed extensively in WWII and gets rebuilt after war), because that is the internal Gua Qi field of the house at the time of the birth of the house and look at the different external influence of space (change of Naqi mouth for example), time (period change for example) and human action (moving in and moving out of different occupants for example) affecting the house, so as the world changes, the present is always connected to the past and there is a continuity of the internal (fixed DNA) with the external (ever changing) San Cai Qi flow from the birth of the house to the present time.

We have a tendency to simplify things by isolating the Heaven, Earth and Human Qi on their own, instead of looking at their dynamic interactions as the world changes to get our bearings.

But it is only my opinion, although I believe it is a logical one and has been supported by Shenshi Xuankong Xue 沈氏玄空學, the Flying Stars Classic, I also use this in my work as a FS consultant but each of us has to decide what to do and which teacher/practitioner or book makes more sense.


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