Place Sevigne Grignan, France

August 17, 2009

This little square in the hillside town of Grignon just off the A7 near Momtelimar in the south of France works really well, because it is like a bay in a quiet and slow moving river giving shelter and “juqi” 聚氣 (gathering the moving qi) for the travellers.

But there is enough qi flow to charge up the place because it is right in front of the entrance gateway to the chateau of Grignan just metres away (on the map shown below it is located as number 2 and 10 is where the gateway is located) and right next door to the Hotel de Ville (Council Chamber showed as 1 in map).

The modern bench made of stone and the two trees next to it were placed just in the right place to hold the qi in the elongated and triangulated square. The water feather also added to its attraction, no wonder we had to wait for a while before we can get a table for lunch. It has good Feng Shui for the restaurant because it has a charged Mingtang to assemble the “water” for wealth.

First picture shows looking at the triangulated square from the ramp next to gateway to the walled-in chateau. Second picture shows looking at the square from the town side towards the council chamber; note the bench and trees are well placed to gather the qi for the square. Third picture shows one of the main entrance (le beffroi) to the chateau with the bell tower above. Fourth picture shows the water feature with a statue of the Marquise de Sevigne, who restored the chateau and made this place famous with her writings. Fifth picture shows the map of the Grignan Chateau.















































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