9 tips to change your bad luck

August 14, 2009

They are not really tips to change your bad luck as such, which is really impossible and I will explain this later, but they are more like advice to handle your life during a bad luck period and reduce its negative impacts until it passes and when it does, you will be in a better position to handle the future.

The Chinese believe everything has yin and yang, including the quality of the cycles of time, which the Chinese called “yun-qi” 運氣 or qi of the cycles. Some cycles or yun-qi are “lucky” and you can get things done easily and things come easily. Some cycles or yun-qi are “unlucky” and you can try your hardest but things won’t come your way and at times you feel like Heaven is against you.

Because of the yin and yang complementary opposites, we cannot have good yun-qi without the bad ones, so when it happens we have to learn how to ride it out without losing our focus and the will to carry on.

What I like about these little tips is that they have a mixture of old and new, psychological and metaphysical, as well as just practical common sense. There use to be 7 tips made up by a Hong Kong Feng Shui master, I added the last two to make 9, the yang-est of all the yang numbers to symbolize being positive and pro-active.

1)   Take a bath or shower with water soaked in 3 parts of green Pomelo leaves and 7 parts of yellow Chrysanthemum flowers. In theory, the beneficial effects should happen within 30 days.

2)   Learn to rearrange the furniture in your house to achieve better Feng Shui and at the same time keep your mind occupied with something worthwhile.

3)   Do some good deeds and then go to a temple or a joss house to pray for good luck.

4)   At all time, remain patient and level head.

5)   Do not lose your temper; instead try your best to be calm and good-natured.

6)   Read more, exercise regularly and talk often with your friends.

 7)   Make greater efforts to improve and expand your work skill.

 8)   Boost your self-confidence in front of a mirror.

 9)   Regularly hum the tune “We Shall Overcome”.

There is no guarantee that this will work for everyone, but they do you no harm if you follow them and it won’t cost you a cent. One never knows these tips may come in handy one day.

The desire to be happy, to feel safe and secure is part of human needs, these needs may not be satisfied at some time in our life and we felt “unlucky” as a consequence, not knowing that they are also part of life and instead trying to change them, it would be equally valid to endure them and learn from them and then come out feeling stronger and more at peace with oneself.  



11 Responses to “9 tips to change your bad luck”

  1. yuvraj Says:

    Nice inspirational points…………………
    Yuvraj (Yuvi)

    • r cochrane Says:

      Thank you so much for the obvious. Bad luck is “pain”. Persons come here for wound healing, and wound soothing, when these conventional methods have failed. I do wish you the best! I will try elsewhere. Take care!

      • howardchoy Says:

        Hi Cochrane, Thanks for dropping by, my intention with this blog entry is to sooth your pain when you are in a bad luck cycle, there is no need to look elsewhere or anywhere for that matter, because your bad luck will change naturally, since “luck” (Yun in Chinese) is just a cycle of rise and fall of time. Instead of looking for something soothing to mollycoddle you, you can use this downtime constructively, to consolidate, to plan and to improve, etc., in order to move on when the time changes. Bad luck will make you stronger and it is bearable as well, if you know where it comes from.

  2. Patrick Says:

    How long are these cycles meant to last. I’ve been in a negative phase for nearly a year :(

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Patrick, I went through a down period that lasted nearly 3 years and that was not an easy time for me. But with all the free time I had then and an empty house, I made a break through with my Taijiquan training and never look back. Good or bad luck never lasts. Howard

  3. Ted Says:

    luck is what you make it do ,if you an visualize things then your luck will be good ,if you cant then you become negative and
    negativity will surround you, its lik a battery you have to be
    positive to work and do things right TCB

    • howardchoy Says:

      Hi Ted,

      Good to be positive, but for a battery to work it needs a negative terminal as well as a positive one, so I think there is a lesson we can learn there.


  4. sachin gupta Says:

    these all tips i am following from last 2 years, and still struggling in
    my business almost every one who working with me are getting good business but i couldn’t ,

    Sachin gupta

  5. howardchoy Says:

    Hi Sachin,

    In these two years, did you follow my advice and do something constructive with your time while waiting for your luck to change? Especially item, “7) Make greater efforts to improve and expand your work skill”. Because if others in your business are improving and you are not, then it shows you are not keeping up with the competition. You can change your luck by being more skilful.


  6. aman Says:

    hi my name is aman i luck is very bad when i did anythink reguarding my bussines its becama wrong i try my best and make pasence but its not favour me and than i lost my pasence and thing became as i want if any stone make my luck change.

  7. rebecca nasike Says:

    i’ve had bad 4 a lifetime even when i do right something wrong has to happen and that has put me in alot of trouble

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